Wednesday, October 8, 2008

One Last Holiday

We just got back yesterday from Genting. After going there countless times already, I guess it’ll be a long, long while before we’d wanna’ holiday there again. It was our one last holiday here before we’re going off. Yeah, you notice that nearly in every post I’m mentioning about going off to Australia. Hahaha, you bet we’re excited. :P

This short holiday was a good chance for us to spend some time with our cousins and my relatives from my mum’s side. And as always, there are quite a lot of pictures I’ve posted. So scroll on. =)

My sisters and I at the theme park on Sunday.

Jirene, me, Janna, Ben, Phylis, Jon, Bridget and Ashley in the indoor park.

I disliked the ferris wheel ride. We were trapped in there for like ages.

Jirene and I
Only this three braved the solero shot! The rest of us were too faint-hearted. Hahahhaa.

It is really quite high. I tried twice before, it felt like I came down with my heart still in the sky. Hahaha.

Jirene is one crazy girl. She was the youngest and smallest around on that thing.

Ashley and I
It was super misty at that time.

Janna and Jon on the swings.


Us three. :)

The next day after breakfast I decided to get out of the hotel room and look for some nice spots to take pictures. :D Haha. As always...

Janna and Benjamin accompanied me on my posing spree. :P That's the Awana Tower in the background.

We were hanging around my the pool when I spotted this big mirror.

Aha! As always, I managed to find another beauutifulll spot to take pictures! :D

The tree reflections on the little pond.

It was a really nice place to take pictures. :)

My mum in the middle with aunty May and Rachel.

Haha guess what, Janna and I ended up having a whole room with two queen beds to ourselves! We had an extra room, that's why. Otherwise we would have had to squeeze in with our parents and Jirene. Haha.

Janna posing by the window.

And me too. Mwahaha. :P
After that, we changed and went to play in the heated pool.

The 5 of us hanging out at the jacuzzi. :) I really like it with the cool weather.

Jon zooming down the slide.

Splash. :D

Jirene's turn!

Oh, I beat Jirene to the splash zone.

Haha, this is so cute. Ben looks like he's gonna veer off the slide and into the bushes! :P
This is a nice one. :)

After swimming, we quickly headed to Genting by the skyway for archery! My dad had a card which entitled all of us to shoot as many arrows as we want for free! :D

I managed to do about 4 rounds before I decided to call it the quits. Haha, my left arm felt like it just went for an injection.

Jirene with her bow and arrow!

After archery, we tried rock climbing.

Haha, Jirene was pretty good, but she quit halfway cause' she was afraid of heights. (I'm no better at it, too. xD)

My dad climbed up so fast that I barely had time to snap a clear shot of him! Haha.
Haha. :)

We were joking in the cable car that it looked as though we were on the way to heaven as it got mistier and mistier. And when we were going back, it seemed like we were travelling back to earth. Hahaha.

Would you look at those heavenly rays!

This one is really cool. Can you see the outgoing ripple effect on the water?

More visible sun rays streaming through the tree branches! This was taken on our last day on Tuesday. I went back to the same spot where we took all the nice pictures.

The wonderful view from our balcony on the 17th floor!

Before we checked out, my dad took the 5 of us to the park. Janna is swinging on the rope.

Jirene and her orange pants. Haha. I like it; it looks groovy. :P

A pretty yellow flower.

Jump! :D

Haha, Ben was actually swinging on the rope when I decided to catch his kiddy smile close-up. I'm glad its not blur. It turned out pretty cute. :)

A reflection on the sliding glass door. The curtains seem unreal.

I love the cool weather. I'm sure we're all gonna' love it in Australia! It's gonna' be cool weather nearly all the time!

Aaaaahh... The mist, the coolness, the greenery, and that nice cuppa' coffee.

(Well actually, I wasn't drinking any coffee. That was just an empty cup. For show. To fit my posing purposes. HAHA. :D)

Well, what more can you expect if it is by Janielle Beh? :P

Till then, have a g'day! ;)

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