Friday, October 10, 2008

Destiny Calls

Finding your destiny. That’s what this life is about. And how else can you find it unless you look to God, the author and perfector of your life?

I am reading a book entitled The Ultimate Champion, by John Jacobs, a world-class athlete and evangelist who conducts crusades around the world. He is the founder of the world-famous Power Team, who is unique for their way of presenting the Gospel – they actually capture people’s attention by breaking bricks, splintering boards, snapping handcuffs, and blowing up hot-water bottles before each message!

In his book, John Jacobs talks about finding your destiny and being an Ultimate Champion in Christ by “doing what you can with what you have” and making a difference where you are. I am awed and captivated by the amazing accounts of the Power Team ministry and how God’s favor upon his life has enabled him to reach out to so many people.

And yes, it all begin with his simple prayer saying, “God, here is my life. Use it for something great. I want to win people to You, Lord; I want to make a difference for you.”

After reading that, I felt so inspired! And I believe God can do the same for me and you if we choose to seek His will and do what we can with what we have to serve Him. John Jacobs said he is convinced that this one of the proofs that you are saved: You should want to do something for God. I think so, too.

Like an old broken tape recorder, my dad always reminds me and my sisters that our most important goal in life should be to seek God with all our hearts. We run around doing all sorts of things, but ultimately, what is our direction in life? Only God can tell. And He will direct our footsteps if we commit our plans to Him. (Proverbs 16:3)

I am reminded of Mother Theresa at this point. She started out as a teacher in a renowned Catholic convent school. But in a train one day, God spoke to her and she decided to quit her job and leave for India instead. I find it amazing that somehow, Mother Theresa found God’s destiny for her when she accepted the smelly, disgusting jobs that no one else wanted, such as caring for the sick, the needy, and the outcasts.

Christians and non-Christians alike are concerned about their purpose for living. Many people leave their jobs in search of a sense of purpose elsewhere. Everyone at some point in life is afraid of missing their destiny. But that’s what this life is about. Finding your destiny.

While many people out there are searching for meaning in the wrong places, we must always know that our hope is in God. I will remember that, and I want to share it with those who do not know that God holds their destiny. Ultimately, it is not how great or gifted we are, but whether we are ready to humble ourselves and surrender all our abilities to God for His use. It is the only way that you and I answer to Destiny’s call.

In his heart a man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps. (Proverbs 16:9)

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