Monday, October 13, 2008

Phizes Everywhere

I learned a new slang word – phiz! Just for fun, I checked the thesaurus for a synonym to the word “face”, and I found this interesting word “phiz” – it also means “a person’s face”. And so, just to spark your curiosity, I replaced “faces everywhere” with “phizes everywhere. Strangely, it sounds kinda’ wrong to me. Haha. :P

Anyway, over the weekend since Friday, I got to see quite a load of faces that I seldom get see. Haha. :D So, with my jolly camera by my side, I snapped some cool shots with the cool peeps that I met along the way.

Aaaannd, guess what, I made it for the Project: Shout rally! It was totally last minute. I followed Shaina and Shawna to 3K Complex and then stayed over their house. The rally was good. But somehow, I felt it was kinda’ short, like we missed out something. Haha. But anyway, I had a jolly good time with Shaina and her friend Li Yen. We met Shabeta there also.

Today, after church, I met up in 1U with Shaina, Zoe, Josh, and Jon. Funnily, I’m 1 year older than all of them. But it’s awesome that we can hang out together-gether. :D And the twins are also very sporting. They’ll pose with us and always be ready to whip out a deck of cards when we’ve got nothin’ better to do. And it’s fun when Zoe comes up with goofy games like PIG. :P HAHA.

So anyway, it’s picture time!!! ;)

On Friday my dad was preaching for the GRC chapel. So I joined him. Here's me with Melissa Yeap (wahoo, she's also going to Melbourne!!! :P) and Chanelle Looi.

My long lost friend, Naomi. :P Haha kidding. I remember that she used to sit beside me in GRC when I started at the center at 12.

With Miss Cath! :)

Flanked by Wee Yen and Sarah Ti. :D

We all broke the rule! When Mr. Fan was walking past all of us quickly slid down the table. :P Here's a groupie shot with Joshua Jesudasen, Wee Yen, Sarah, Dawn, and Brandon.

This was Saturday night before the project: Shout rally. I was in Shaw's room.

Li Yen (Shaina's school friend who's from DUMC), Shaina, and I.

Shawna, Li Yen, Shaina, me and Shab. :)

They had this big simple spray-painted banner at the rally's entrance. Sarah Lim was in charged of snapping a picture of everyone who came for the rally.

Praise and Worship.

Jeremy Teo

Ps. Matt Fielder from Planetshakers, Melbourne, was the rally speaker.

Aha! I caught Sarah Lim in action! She's in a spunky new hairstyle! :P

Joshie and I. Haha, we finally said a real "Hi" at the rally. :P

Su Ling came too! :)

Me, Li Yen, Zoe, and Shai posing for a few shots at the stage with the simple yet outstanding backdrop.

Wow, my arm somehow seems so abnormally long here.

Shout, Zoe! Not laugh.


With Shaws and Shai. :)

Tammy and Shaina!

Yeap, Tammy's got a spunky new haircut too.

At youth church today with Miriam and Tania. :D

Finally, at 1U this afternoon! We went to Waffle World. :) And oh, looks as if there's an extra pair of hands from the camera's side. Haha.

Yikes, the hands are still in the picture!

Yummm. Jon and I were told to chill. We were waffling down the thing like we were famished. :P

Josh, your turn to chill la. Why look so stress eating waffle??? Haha.

Haha, after eating, Zoe had to "de-stress", so we decided to go up to the Batting Cages for a round of softball. Or baseball. Whatever you call that sport. Haha, Zoe looks tough man.


This shot is pretty cool with Jon in the diamond-shaped fence.

Zoe was a bit sheepish with the bat, at first. Hahaha.

Shaina! Haha, was a classic shot. She actually beat us all to it.

My turn :D

I missed badly. :( Ahahaa. Hey, we all did, in fact. :P

A groupie shot. :D

Looking cool. Haha, Jon! :P

Okay, I look maniacal in this shot. HAHA. And oh, all of them held the same pose.

Haha, we're all in different poses.

Jon was evolving back into his monkey-self. No, hooligan, I meant. :P

Attempting to look cool.


I spy. With a bat. -.- Zoe's idea. :P


After the batting cages, we walked all the way from 1U to the Curve. Haha. We jaywalked. :P Arriving at Curve, we decided to go chillout at Coffee Bean, since Starbucks was full.

This was an accident. Josh flashed in manual mode. So yeah, but the result was pretty cool. I like our hair. Haha, the warm lighting above us made it look cooler. :)

Aaaannd, in a little state of "dunno-what-to-do-next", Jon came to the rescue when he whipped out his deck of cards. Wahoo! :D

We had stringed, strawberry flavoured licorice from Ikea. At this point, Zoe introduced the game which is lamely called: PIG. Yeah, you bet. Zoe always has the strangest ideas. :P

He stuck it in his ears!!!

Teehee :)

We made quite some noise playing the game. I slammed the table twice when I advanced from being a 1st-degree pig, to a 3rd degree pig. HAHA, we're real goofs la.


Aww, this is really sweet. :)

Later on, Janna, Ash, Cmdr Esther and Roz joined us for a while. We took a girls group shot outside Coffee Bean.

Lovelies. :) Hehe.

Turahs and have a blast of a week!

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