Friday, October 17, 2008

My Picnic Farewell

On Tuesday, Shabeta organized a simple and fun picnic farewell for me with a few of my GRC friends. It was a fun day out at the park. Shabeta cooked yummy tuna pasta and made sandwiches. Brenda and Brandon brought a chocolate cake. And Dawn bought a bucket of KFC! :D Hehe. I had a blast of a time snappin’ pictures with them. Jon and Wee Yen were there, too.

I just managed to grab and edit a few pictures from Wee Yen and Shabeta. They actually downloaded the photos from my camera into their laptops that day. And guess what, my computer crashed yesterday!!! Argh, with all the pictures in it! I was such an idiot to leave it on while the thunderstorm outside threatened to blast off the electricity. And when it did, I think the computer fused.

So yeah, it’ll be awhile before I update with all the pictures. I’m praying hard that the computer can be revived! So anyway, here are the few cool group shots we took. =)

Sweet :)

Hehe, Wee Yen was "almost" our official photographer that day. :P

A lovely group shot! I really had a blast of a time that day. Thank yoo guys for planning it. It was something different. I kinda' got a bit bored of going to shopping complexes or movies, and Shab thought the same. :P Hehe, great minds think alike. ;)
Tomorrow, the Expedition rangers planned another farewell at Izzi's for dinner. It'll be fun. Hopefully my comp's fixed soon. Then I can update soon.
Till then, have an awesome weekend! :D

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