Thursday, October 23, 2008

Farewell at Izzi

Last Friday, the Expedition rangers bunch organized a farewell dinner at Izzi’s for me. :D I didn’t expect them to invite everyone from Expedition! Haha, Renee even called Jasmine Jasani (I think that’s how you spell her last name…)! And oh, Renee also happened to go to the same college as Hansel, so since she knew that I knew him, she invited him for the dinner also. And I didn’t know only until the dinner. xD

Haha so anyway, about twenty of us came that night. And surprisingly, nearly all the guys were the earliest to arrive. Only the girls and commanders came a bit later. :P Haha. The table we booked was superrr long! I ended up sitting at the far end. But oh well, that’s how it is when it’s such a big group.

In the end, I will conclude that though the food wasn’t terrific, the company I had was great! :D So up next are my best pictures taken that night… :P

Shawna and I

You know, Yu Tjin does the weirdest things...

Evelyn and Diane!

Hansel and Kah Yun

What an expression!

All the pretty ladies. :)

Flying kisses :)

Petrina and I

Ha ha.

Aw so sweet.

Diane and I :D

Sam and his freaky stretchable face. :P The shadow is cool.

All of us! The table was super long, i tell you.

Zack and I


Renee made a card and everyone wrote on different colored cards. Really nice. :)

Group shot outside Izzi's.

Thanks for planning, you guys! I had a good time. Hope to see ya'll soon again. :)

I'm actually updating at Tania's house now. I've got plenty more pictures. Will update when I can. Meanwhile, I have 12 more days to go before "Australia, here I come!!!!"

Till then, have a fabulous weekend! ;)

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mirriam said...

hi janielle,how are you?i really miss you alot.i even go asking around the uth church where's janielle?,how's australia?well you're a great blogger.hear from you the soonest you

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