Thursday, October 23, 2008

Boardgame Mania

Last Saturday, David planned a really cool outing to The Mage Café with Penny, Alex, Brian Chow, Jian Quin, and Sarah Pang. I never knew about this place, but I found out that it’s a really cool spot to hang out when you’re bored on Saturdays. :P

It’s a unique café that serves food and at the same time allows people like us to spend hours there playing their bizarre variety of board games – from all over the world! We didn’t play the typical Monopoly or Pictionary, but there were all the other weird games that you cannot find in Malaysia. So it was really cool to spend the whole afternoon (I stayed there for six hours – but I wish I had more time! :P) with the six of them, who were a mixture of fun, laughter, enthusiasm, thrill, and just pure goofiness. :D

And oh, thanks for planning the day out, David! It was pure fun and we all enjoyed it. :)

Playing the "Tree" game. I think that one is from Germany.

Snorta! Really funny game. Haha.

I love this one. Jungle Speed. :D

Super tension... :P

Just GRAB IT!!!!

House of Betrayal. This was super complicated.

Having lunch there. We love the Mage Pizza.

Our last game. Heck Neck. Hahaha.

The girls. :)

Group photo! :D There were sooo many boardgames. I wish I could go again!

I had a fun, fun time. And you guys made it fun, fun, fun. :D

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