Thursday, October 30, 2008

Diane, Princess, and I

Hahaha, you probably puckered your brow when you read the title. :P

Last last Sunday, after church, my sisters and I followed Diane and her sisters for lunch. (Yes, all the pictures are kinda’ delayed. But I’ll catch up soon. :P) And yes… we had a blast of a time crashing Diane’s house that afternoon! :P Haha. And oh, Princess was with us, too. In case you were wondering who… it’s Charlene! :D

We spent the afternoon snapping loads of pictures in Denise’s cool, spunky room and at the garden. I was really glad that we could hang out for a bit that day since that was my last Sunday in PJ. And oh yes, thanks to our brilliant photographer, Denise, we managed to look so nice in the pictures. :P Hehe, here goes…

Charl, me, and Diane posing at Denise's super cool wall.


This was Denise's brilliant idea! The natural lighting was awesome, so the picture with the funky background turned out perfect. :D

Candid. :) Haha.

Whoa my hand appears so enlarged. Haha.

Yesss, we were FULL of poses. :P

Haha, Diane looks so cute. :P

Sweet ;)

Debbie, Jirene, Joy, and Janna playing Pictionary.

Snapping some jumping shots at the garden! =)




Haha, guess what were we up to.

So anyway, I saved the best for the last! :) I love this shot. You girls are tons of fun and laughter. Thanks for brightening my day! :P Harhar.

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