Thursday, October 30, 2008

One Last Hangout

A week ago, I met up with Joyce, Gabby, and Kelly in Pyramid. Sadly, I think that would be our last hangout already. Joyce said it didn’t really feel like a “farewell” for me. Haha. And yes, I somehow didn’t feel a least bit “emo” even though I knew it would be our last chance to hangout together. But of course, I’m sure it’s not literally the last time la. Next time when I’m back to visit, we’ll meet again. :P

Anyway, those three cheeky fellas gave me a surprise farewell song (and a mudpie) at TGIF. They asked me to meet there, and I waited at least ten minutes before they appeared and sang “We love you, Janielle, deep down in our hearts.” Hahaha! :D

Gabby and I


Kelly and I :)


Haha, Kelly always has the best expression. :P

Guess what we were up to.

Then we ate again. At Waffle World. Haha.

After Waffle World I met up with my family at a restaurant in Sunway Hotel for dinner with the Chew family. Excluding Joanne, who's in Tasmania. :P Haha, that's Aunty Susan with my sisters and my mum in the picture.

We're gonna' meet up with Aunty Susan and Jon in Melbourne. They just flew there last Sunday and they're gonna' be there for a month! Haha, so its a good thing that when we're there, we already have a list of people to meet up with. :) Hehe.
I can't wait!

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