Thursday, October 30, 2008

Four More Days!

Finally, with all the pictures and farewells aside, I can give you guys a decent update on what’s been really going on.

The past 3 weeks have been quite fun with all the farewells and outings. But that’s considered the “calm” before the storm. Beginning this week, after we came back from the RR Leaders’ retreat in Gopeng, I would say that the “storm” had officially begun. Hahaha yes, as clichéd as it sounds.

The past 3 days have been super hectic for my parents. They’ve been running up and down trying to finish up some last minute errands. My sisters and I did our fair share by helping my mum clean the stuff we’re shipping to Melbourne. All the stuff that goes into the big container must be spick-and-span. I nearly was throwing a tantrum while trying to clean the teak wood furniture with all the intricate carvings. All the dust was in between and I spent a few hours wiping all that crap! Argh.

Thankfully, my sisters and I are now at our Aunty May’s house. Haha, but I still wish I could’ve stayed with my parents to help out some more. Anyway, we’d be staying with my cousins for the next four days. My parents will only join us tomorrow night cause’ they’re still busy packing up the remaining furniture. Our house is in an unimaginable mess now. And yes, I do remember that we only have four more days to go.


I’ll admit that all this while we have been a little bit too cool. We shouldn’t have waited until our last week to finish up everything! But oh well, no matter how stressful, we have to finish the job. The date is set. Like my dad said, whether or not we can finish up and pack everything, we still have to go. So for this one week, it will be one mad, mad rush.

Till my next update, keep us in your prayers. ;)

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