Friday, October 31, 2008

My Birthday at Mandarin Oriental

Last night, after my parents successfully packed nearly 70 percent of our house, we decided to go for dinner at Mandarin Oriental. And since we haven’t celebrated my 15th birthday as a family, my parents said this would be a nice family dinner to celebrate my belated birthday. One and a half months late. :P Haha.

My sisters and I have not eaten at Mandarin Oriental for nearly 3 years already, I think. It’s a really, really nice place. Out of all the hotel buffets we’ve been to, I’d say that this one has the best service and a pretty satisfying spread. Haha. So yes, I’m glad for this one last opportunity to celebrate my birthday at Mandarin Oriental. :D

The yummy California rolls. Man, I just love popping the salmon eggs in my mouth. :P

Janna wolfing down the roll :)

My dad and I at the dessert section.



My favorite seafood. CRAB! :P There were lobsters also. :D

Sweet blueberry and creamy pandan mousse.

We were specially served with a plate-ful of raspberries cause' my mum said the raspberry cheesecake needed more raspberries in it. :P

Coconut cheesecake. This is fattening like crazy I tell you.

Janna and I sitting at our own table enjoying the cherry and orange sherbet. We were just beside the dessert counter. :P

Jirene and I :)

Family picture :D

I love the wallpaper background. This was actually in the washroom. Haha.

Without the vignetting.

Haha, just experimenting with Photoscape. :P

Nice. With the grand chandelier in the background.
One last family picture are the dinner table! :)
One more note,

You know… I think we’ve been eating too much.

Guess what, tonight we have another dinner! Well actually, the next three nights we’ll be having nice dinners too. Hahaha. Crazy la. I think I’m tired of eating. When we go to Australia must diet already. HAHA. :P

Yeah righttt…

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