Sunday, November 2, 2008

Farewell at Sun & Surf

Yesterday night, our extended family from my mum’s side (about forty of us) had a farewell dinner for our family at Sun & Surf. Man, I tell you, we’re having too much of good food! Haha. But for the first time last night, I think I managed to leave the buffet without having stuffed myself to the brink of throwing up. Hahaha. :P I ate everything I thoroughly enjoyed eating, and the rest, I didn’t bother.

And yes, I felt sufficiently full. Not stuffed. xD

Here are some family pictures we took. Haha, it seems that I’m really posting pictures to the very last day. I really only have one more day to go. Tomorrow night, we are really, officially boarding the airplane to Melbourne! :D

My cousin Phyllis and I

With my dad and uncle Michael.

Nick, Phyllis, and me
With the kiddoes. Benjamin, Janna, Jon, Avril, and me.

Janielle and Denielle. :)

We went out to the pool garden to take some pictures halfway through the meal.

Phyllis, Denielle, Ashley, and me.

Me and my dad with my cousin Eugene and his wife Wai Teng.

With Shaun and Abby. She can never stand camera flashes. Haha.

Eating raw salmon. I like to eat it just as it is. Please, NO WASABI. Not even soy sauce. Maybe a bit of pickled ginger. Mmm.

Enjoying strawberries with chocolate.

Bridget and I :)

Janna and Bridget

Our family with our granma and my aunty Rachel and her family.

Quite candid.

Aha, a nice family picture with my two cousins Jon and Ben, and my Aunty May and Uncle Yat Nam. We've really enjoyed ourselves staying over at their place. They've been so, so nice to us. :)

We went to Avril's house after the dinner. She has four hot dogs! Hahaha. The one I'm carrying is the puppy. So uber cute. :D

Yes, I seem very happy. xD

Aww, look at the cute lil' pooch.

Finally, our family with my granma. :)

Man, I’m dead tired now. My parents must be drop-dead tired. We just came back from a lunch with Pastor Steven Young and in an hour’s time, we have to change and go out for another dinner. Gah. xD But that’s part of the fun of migrating, I guess. HAHA.

Have a nice weekend! I'll post my "last day" post very soon. :)

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