Monday, November 3, 2008

12 Hours to Go!

We have exactly 12 hours left in Malaysia as I type this. Yes, it is now 8 am and I just rolled out of bed! Now I only feel a jumble of “mixed feelings”. I’m excited, yet nervous. I’m glad to be going someplace new, yet I feel a tinge of fear. I’m thrilled, yet I’m sad to be leaving. So tell me, what should I feel? Haha.

Nolah don’t worry, I don’t usually get too far into being “emo”. I’ve gotten over that part a few months back already. :)

But yes, I still wonder what will I feel when it’s really time to go. I have 12 more hours! And will you believe me, my parents still have some undone errands. We haven’t even found a new owner for my sweet lil’ dog, Lassie!

But really, I thank God so, SO MUCH for helping us through this week. And we’re here today. Finally. We’ve made it up to this point. I’m sure that God will continue to guide us as we look to Him at this pivotal time in our lives!

You know, one of the things that I’m thoroughly blessed with is the people that God has surrounded me with. In the past few weeks (even yesterday), some of the most unexpected people called and smsed me to wish me a good farewell. I thank God for this few, whom I actually do not know very well. But yet, I believe in some little way, I have left footprints in their hearts. By your little farewell gifts, notes, hugs, and wishes, you have also left defining footprints in my heart. Thank you. :D

I’d like to name a few of them at the top of my mind now. Diane, Renee Koo, Kokhila (Miriam), Amanda Looi, Vicky, Mei Jean, Arthur Keng, Yoke Ping (!), Don, Jolene, Shannon Keng, Su Ling and Su Mei, Renee Chew, Elliot Chow (Yes, believe it or not! :D), Bryant Sum, Emily and Rou Shinq (for coming to see me on Sunday! :P), Aisha, Andrew Yem, Hwee Hwee ;). Well, that’s about all at the top of my mind now. Thank you guys for remembering that I’m going off today. Haha. God bless and rock on for Jesus, too! ;)

This might probably be my last post in Malaysia. The next one, hopefully, would be with pictures of Melbourne. :) We’ll keep in touch online. Make sure you check my blog every now and then. I’ll be sure to update you guys. :D

In conclusion, I believe that just as God has lead to cross paths this time, I’m sure He will destine our paths to cross again. Take care and stay a blessing! ;)

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