Saturday, November 8, 2008

I Still Say “Lah”

I shall begin my post with an extract from Joyce’s blog. :P

‘I'm wondering how it would feel like to speak without my lah's. I mean, it would sound so incomplete without the lah's!’ - Janielle Beh

Of all things to wonder about when she gets to Australia! XD [copied from Joyce’s blog]

Honestly, that’s one thing I did wonder about before I arrived here. HAHA. Yesterday night when my sisters and I were hanging out with Brandon and Sam, they realized that my sisters and I are so full of our Malaysian accent. Brandon has been in Melbourne for nearly two years, so I was asking him how he rid his vocab of the famous (or infamous) Malaysian lah’s.

That’s when I said:

‘I can’t imagine not saying lah anymore. I mean, I still find it weird to say certain sentences without a lah at the end!’

But then Brandon said:

‘Well you know, after awhile you realize that it’s actually weirder to say “lah” than to not say it. The Aussies say, “Why d’you keep saying lah?” And after a while you just don’t say it anymore.’

Well I guess he’s right. Maybe the next time we visit you guys, we would’ve forgotten our Malaysian accent. Haha. But for now, we’re still quite Malaysian. xD

If you’re awaiting pictures, I regret to say that I did not snap any yesterday. It was a plain gloomy day! From morning till night it was rainy and cold. Sam said it’s unusual – in a drought. And oh, talking about the Australian drought, we actually have water ration now.

At about 6.30 pm, Janna and I followed Ps. Chris to the Emmanuel Grace Church in Danedong for youth service. The youth group consist about 40 people, but that rainy night, only half of them made it! They were friendly and I had a nice time making some new friends after a whole day at home. :D

Ps. Chris even asked me to play an impromptu violin solo and introduce myself before he preaches. I was a bit nervous at first, but thank God I did it anyhow. xD Haha. At the service I got to know their youth leader Milton, a Spanish guy, and his New Zealander wife Anita. Then there was Isabel, who’s also Spanish. I met Angeline, from Philippines, and David, who’s from El Salvador. Most of them are Latin Americans.

After youth, we all went to Springvale for “Mackers”. Guess whatsit? It’s actually McD’s! But people call it Mackers – I don’t know why. Haha. Y’know, McD’s here is so reasonably priced! One Big Mac is only about 4 dollars I think. Yikes, I hope I’ll vertically, not horizontally. Haha. xD

Now I’m actually in Aunty Christine’s house in Glen Waverley. We met her two days ago. She’s my mum’s old schoolmate. And guess what, they actually found each other on Facebook after 20 years! She’s been so helpful. Interesting how things play out after 20 years, huh? My parents have gone out with her to check out some houses for rent. So we’re at home with her boys, Shaun and Brian.

The weather’s good today – it’s about 18 degrees. Free air-cond – what a blessing, eh? :P Haha. But my mum still doesn’t fancy the cold. I guess it’s all part of acclimatizing. Honestly, we don’t really feel like we’re on a holiday. Yet. My parents still have lots of things to settle and decisions to make.

But all the more, we will trust God so that we can live not an ordinary life, but live a miracle in God’s hands. And this is surely an opening for God’s goodness to be evident in our lives so that others can see that our only best connection is God! So yea, keep us in your prayers! :D

Till the next update, God blesscha’ loads. ;)

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