Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Angels without Wings

Haha, what a peculiar title, you must think.

As I was thinking of a title for this post, I thought of how God has sent us such a wonderful friend like my mum’s old schoolmate, Christine, to help us. She has been so, so nice! For the past few days, my parents didn’t have a car to go around. And somehow, Aunty Christine came along and offered to drive my parents around so they can check out houses and run errands.

My mum was saying to us and Aunty Christine that she’s been like a God-sent angel to us. After all, they haven’t been in touch for 20 years, and now they “coincidentally” meet again in Facebook! Haha. But I am sure it was not by chance. That’s when Aunty Christine said, “Yea, I have wings like an angel also, you know.” (So now you how I kinda’ reversed her idea and got the title.) :P

I believe as we to ask God to send us good friends in Melbourne to help us settle in, God will lead us to cross paths with the right people. My dad tells us, “Always look out for the ‘gems in life’.” They are a rare kind and worth looking out for. At the same time, my dad reminds us to also be that sparkling gem others are looking for.

This few days have been quite boring for me and my sisters. My parents have been busy going out with Aunty Christine from morning till evening to check out different houses available for rent. They are at Blackburn High today to check out the school. The 3 of us have to stay in Ps. Kee’s house. So we’ve been lazing around, playing the electric piano and me practicing my violin.

Yesterday, Aunty Margaret was so kind to bring us out to the library and for a swim at the Aqua pool in Nunawading. We borrowed some books and DVDs. Thank God these two days we’ve had sunny blue skies. I’ve wanted to go for morning walks with my sisters, but each morning I find myself unable to get up in the cold. I just want to hide under the blankets. Haha.

Anyway, to cheer you up, here are some shots taken these two sunny days! :D Hehe.

At McD's.

My annoyed face.

Last Sunday, we went to visit Hope Melbourne Church with my dad's friend Ivan Ho. It was mostly asians. I met some really friendly people there! Its mostly youths and uni students. That's Shona, Melissa (from S'pore), Hannah, and me. Shona and Hannah are sisters who came from M'sia four years back.

Janna and Jirene with their new found friends from Children's Church, Rica and Serena.

My dad and Ivan's cute adorable baby boy, Caleb!

On Sunday evening my sisters and I went for a walk around the neighborhood.

Haha, I kept sliding off the tree, so yeah, Janna didn't get a nice shot of me. :( Haha.

Now I am actually blogging at Aunty Margaret's house. We having supper here. Today the weather's totally changed. It's quite hot now. Anyway, I've gotta' run now. You guys take care. ;)

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PENNY?? said...

wow, i think jirene can actually fit in the flower pot or lamp pot or whatever you ppl call it there.. hahahaha.. it's huge.. send my regards to ur parents ya.. miss them much :)

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