Thursday, November 13, 2008

Summer is here!

Yikes. Guess what, the weather has totally changed in Melbourne! The summer air has taken over – the cold is gone. Two days ago it was colder than Genting, but now it’s as hot as Malaysia! Nearly 35 degrees in the afternoon. The only difference is it’s very windy here. Oh well, hot wind is better than no wind at all. Haha.

It’s getting hotter and hotter each day. By December, it will be 40 degrees! Yikes. We’ll have to make an escape to the beach then. The sea water will be nice and cold. Aaah. (: And oh yes, my dad finally managed to buy an Australian Holden (Berlina) car! It’s 9 years old, and in pretty good condition. It’s super spacious. Well, nearly all the cars here are spacious. Haha. Thank God for a car!

Tomorrow morning we’ll be driving to Yarrawonga River for a one week holiday. We’ll be back in Wheelers Hill next Friday. I have no idea where Yarrawonga is. I think it’s about 3 hours from here. So I don’t think I’ll be updating for a week. But I’ll be sure to be back next Friday with lots of pictures!

Haha, it sure seems like we’re having a jolly good time. But really, my parents are still running about in this mad house hunt. We haven’t found a house yet. We’re interested in some houses, but many people are eyeing them as well. So yeah, we’re not settled yet.

My parents went to check out the Blackburn High School yesterday. It’s a pretty good government school that offers a very good music program. My parents managed to meet the school’s principal and music director. So they said my sisters and I could go over an audition next week. But Blackburn is an Aussie area. The school has very few Asians. I’m kinda’ nervous about it, but I guess if God opens the doors, we’ll make it.

I’m actually blogging at Brandon’s house again. Haha. He has broadband. Aunty Margaret was so nice to ask us over for dinner. We actually just got back from the Knox City Mall – supposedly one of the most happening malls around here. But on one disappointing note, all the malls in Aus close at 5 pm! Haha. Except for Thursdays and Fridays, they close at 9 pm. And there are usually only 2 levels, nothing grand like KL. But oh well, that’s the life here. And it’s pretty good. :D

So yeah, gotta’ run now. Tomorrow we’re going off to Yarrawonga in the morning. We’ll be back with loadsa’ pictures! ;) Will keep you guys updated.

Take care and g’day matey! :D

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