Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We're in the Sun Country!

We have two more days in Yarrawonga (the Sun Country!) before driving back to Melbourne. It took us 5 hours to arrive here last Friday, including our fish and chips lunch stop at Yea (a small town on the way to Yarrawonga). We're staying at Murray Valley Resort, near the famous Lake Mulwala. It's a pretty neat place.

The reason why this place is called "the Sun Country" is because the sun is always out! On really sunny days, there are literally NO CLOUDS. It's crazy. You could fry and egg in the afternoon sun. Thank God there is cold wind here. So at night it gets way cooler.

We've been having some nice barbeques here using the electric bbq pits at the resort. Some parks also have them. So for some days, my mum will whip up a simple salad or soup and we'll buy some beef, bacon, or chicken to barbeque. It's really nice.

Yesterday, we took a short cruise with a lunch around the Lake Mulwala. It only cost our whole family 50 dollars. We can't wait to earn Aussie dollars once our holidays are over. Then we can stop thinking about "converting" each time we buy something! My dad will have to get a job quickly cause' now we managed to get a house in Forest Hill for rent. Will talk more about that in the next post.

We're now checking our mails and updating you guys in the Yarrawonga library. Most libraries here have internet access. Haha, how convenient. Well, this will have to be a pictureless post cause' I'm blogging at the library and I haven't got my thumb drive with me. Wait till I get back then. ;)

Till the next post, take care you guys. Turrahs. ;)

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