Sunday, November 23, 2008

We’re Back!

We came back from Yarrawonga on Friday evening! A cold and gloomy weather awaited us. The weather forecast says that for this whole week it’ll be rainy and stormy and cold! And guess what, we even had HAIL here and in Brisbane! It’s crazy. The world’s gone topsy turvy. And the most unusual part is that the whole of Australia is gonna’ be rainy and stormy the next 6 days – not just Melbourne. So yeah, it’s kinda’ scary.

On a happier note, we have found a nice lil’ cozy house in a suburb called Forest Hill! Today my sisters and I saw it on the outside for the first time. We also found out that the happening Forest Hill Chase Shopping Mall is less than 5 minutes away! And all the big stores are there. Joy was telling me that the cinemas there have the cheapest rates, too! FYI, the cinema rates here are super expensive (15$ for adult, 12$ for student).

So yeah, thank God so much we managed to get this place. And we didn’t even know it would be such a convenient spot. :D

It’s been cold this few days. Yesterday the lowest was 9 degrees! The wind feels like its seeping through your bones. *Shivers* But I guess it’s good to get used to it after awhile…

Well, here are some pictures we took at Yarrawonga and at the Murray Valley Resort.

Jirene and Janna with their teddy and dog -.- on the journey to Yarrawonga.
Country road!

The rolling hills and plains.

See that nerdy-looking girl? Haha.

Looking down on the living room. Our apartment had two floors. It was a pretty neat place.

Jirene helping my mum with dinner.

The stairs goes up to our room.

We also had a few barbeque dinners using the electric stoves outside. The beef here is way cheaper than chicken. Haha, so we'd be eating more red meat.

My mum makes some soup and salad to go along with the barbeque each time. But it's a pity that the food gets cold very fast.

We were chilling beside Lake Mulwala the next day.

It was really, really sunny. See, clear blue skies and NO CLOUDS! But thank God for the cool wind! So we still had to wear sweaters.

My dad and my sisters checking out the wind surfers.

Then there was this guy going water skiing. I'll hope to try it someday...

Off you go!


A few days later we went for a cruise on the Lady Murray around the lake.

Seagulls! They are pretty much like the crows in M'sia. Just that they're WHITE. Haha.


Having lunch. The whole thing cost us only 50 dollars.

At a park beside the lake.

There are half-felled trees all over the lake. And if you're wondering why, I'm too lazy to explain. xD

A shot with our Aussie car! It's really spacious. It's a 9 year-old Holden Berlina. And we're really glad we managed to get it in time for the holiday! Haha.
Okay, that's all for today. Will keep you guys updated on our new home and all. But we'll only be moving in on the second week of December when our shipping stuff arrives. Meanwhile, my sisters and I will try to occupy ourselves for this week as my parents start running errands again.
Have a nice day and God blesscha'! ;)

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