Monday, November 24, 2008

Familiar Faces!

So far, the people we have met in Melbourne have been unfamiliar faces. At least for me. I’ve been either meeting new people or meeting people whom only my parents know. So today I was really glad that we could meet up with Jonathan Chew and his mum, Aunty Susan. :D They came to Melbourne a week before us. Then last Sunday they just got back from a ten days holiday in New Zealand.

We drove to Aunty Susan’s sister’s house today. We had a nice lunch with them and after that my parents had to go off for awhile to sign some documents and check the house we’re gonna’ rent in Forest Hill. Yeap, so now it’s official! We’ll move in on the second week of December when our furniture and stuff arrive.

Meanwhile, Jon took us on a “tour” around the neighbourhood and to the “milk bar” up the hill. Well, I wouldn’t actually call it a tour, cause’ Jon took us a few rounds and we got lost for a bit. Hahaha. Oh and Janna and Jirene were crazy enough to buy ice cream at the milk bar – it was a pretty cold and windy day, you know!

Well, here are some pictures we snapped. =)

Having a nice simple lunch of potatoes, salad and those really sweet cherry tomatoes that I love, and roast chicken with yummy stuffing.

It was a nice day out. And really nice to see some familiar faces, people you know. Haha. But it’s a pity that they’ll be going back on Thursday already! Hopefully we can meet one last time on Wednesday. :D

Till then, g’day mates! ;)

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Ken Jie said...

Very nice pictures, australia looks so fun to be at. =(

The grass so green, sky so blue, so refreshing.

You all so lucky. Haha.

Take care ya.

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