Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Day Out in Melbourne City

Yesterday was a fine, fine day. The weather was brilliant for a nice day out to Melbourne City. And so the weather forecast was proved wrong. There was no rain at all! Not even a shower. The sky was clear blue in the morning and we truly thanked God for the good weather!

Aunty Susan and her sister took us out on a day trip to the city. Jon and his cousin Michael spent the day with us too. We took the morning train all the way to Flinders Street in the city. It was a very sunny day. Haha, when it’s hot we want it to be cooler. But when it’s cold, we wish it was a sunnier day! xD That’s how it is in Melbourne most of the time. Either hot or cold. You even have “in-betweens” sometimes.

We went to the Eureka Skydeck. The tallest building in the city. We went 88 levels up. And there was this thingamajig called the EDGE. It’s a glass box that extends 3 meters outside the building – 88 stories above the ground. Some old folks tried it before us, and they seemed unfazed. The five of us gave it a try. It was pretty cool, but definitely not scary.

After that we went for a really nice lunch at the Blue Train CafĂ© beside the Yarra River. The portions were super big and for the Aussie price, it was totally worth it. We took loads of pictures and I’m sure you’d like to see them! :D

The tallest building in the picture that looks like a ruler is called Eureka. That's where we went. See the red line? It's where the EDGE came out.

Taking a shot with the Yarra River in the background.

See the spikes on the left? That's the famous St. Paul catheral.

88 stories above!

It was splendid. The sky was so clear and we could see everything from up there. The sprawling Melbourne city (there are very few tall buildings here), the seashore, and far beyond.


This is the brilliant Melbourne performing arts center, I think.

The skyline was so unbelievably clear! That's why I really thanked God for the wonderful weather. Otherwise I wouldn't have taken such nice shots if it was as gloomy as the forecast predicted.

The sprawling city below.

All of us. =)

Lunch at the Blue Train cafe. This is my roast lamb salad. Absolutely scrumptious.

My mum and her Blue Train hamburger.

Aww, doesn't she have such brilliant eyes! Haha, Jirene enjoying her big bowl of penne bolognaise.

At the SUGA shop! Yup, its the sugar shop.

I was playing a ukelele! Man, I badly want one. I heard it really affordable here. About 25 to 30 dollars for one. It's so cute and I can bring it anywhere. I definitely will get one. :D

Sweeettt. :D

If you were wondering where was my dad in the earlier pictures, he actually didn't join us. He went to Box Hill to meet someone. So when he came to pick us from Mike's house at 5pm, we decided to go tour the city again! Haha, so we went to Melbourne city twice in one day! And oh, this is one shot we took in front of the St. Paul's catheral before my camera went out of battery.

Yikes, guess what, my dad just called. He’ll come pick me up at 2.30 to go for an audition at Blackburn High. The butterflies are starting to flutter in my stomach. But I hope I’ll do fine. I’ll be praying hard. xD Hehe.
Will update you guys soon again. Till then, g’day mates! ;)

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