Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Yes yes yes, I made it into Blackburn High School! And I really, really thank God for this opening. You’ll find out why.

Blackburn High was the school my mum first checked out online some months ago. Among others, this one seemed promising. I remember my mum telling me to just commit it to God. Although we didn’t even know whether we would find a house near it…

On the website, we read that Blackburn High has a very wide music program. And that’s we were looking out for – I wanted to be able to go to school and at the same time learn and practice music. I prayed that somehow, I’ll be able to study there. Honestly, I didn’t expect I’d enrol in Blackburn – the idea seemed far-fetched at that time.

My parents recently went to meet the principal and music director, and found out that the classes were full for my year. Janna had no problem cause’ they had plenty of space in Year 7. So they told us that if I really wanted to enrol, they’d audition me in piano and violin. If I really wanted this, I would prove myself good and they might want me in and make a place for me.

The audition was my only chance. God had to help me through it! I played the two songs I remembered best (I haven’t practiced for 2 weeks), The Secret and Richard Clayderman’s Lyphard Melody. I think the teacher enjoyed it.

When I played Amazing Grace on the violin, Ms. Carrington observed that my violin teacher must’ve been very meticulous about fingering and posture. She was spot on! Uncle Prody, my violin teacher in M’sia, always made sure I held the violin properly. I couldn’t afford to be sloppy. I walked out of the hall thanking God that I had the chance to begin violin with a teacher every violin student would want to learn from – he’s a maestro and professional violinist.

Although I had only 3 months with Uncle Prody, it has definitely prepared me for this audition! Ms. Kerington said there were two other students from China and Philippines who were fast learners, too. She said I had good techniques and that we can move on the fast track. I was relieved when she said she’ll be looking forward to seeing me next year!

After the audition, I proceeded to choose my Year 10 subjects. Nearly half of what I’ll be studying involved music. My prayers were answered! Here are the 12 subjects and electives I chose:

English Core
English Comedy and Satire
Humanities – History & Geography
Maths Methods
General Science
Technology Photography
Technology Music
Music Performance
Music Composition
PE Dance and Movement
PE Team Sports

After choosing the subjects, the assistant principal Mr Delton told me that it “so happened” that the all subjects I chose had a place left for one or a few more students! The other classes were full. I am so thankful to God. It definitely wasn’t by coincidence!

So far, so good. By God’s grace, we managed to find a car, a house, and school in less than a month. It’s a miracle that we’ve made it this far. What’s more, it’s our first time in Melbourne! It’s a big leap, but God had paved the way for us and here we are now. We wouldn’t have made it this far if we relied on ourselves. And now, our next hurdle is for my parents to find a job. So keep us in your prayers.

To update you on our current whereabouts, we are now actually enjoying the last leg of our holiday in the Aussie bush lands of Kyneton. Last week we were in a high countryside spot called Mansfield. Summer has just begun and perhaps I’ll find a summer job when our holiday is over!

So anyway, I’ll update with our hol pics soon. Have a nice day and God bless! :D

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