Saturday, December 13, 2008

We've Got the Keys!

Yesterday afternoon we drove back to Melbourne from Kyneton. We had a great one week at the Kyneton Bush land Resort. It was our last lap of holidaying. I have accumulated pictures of our two weeks holiday in Mansfield and Kyneton. We really thank God my mum had booked these places for 3 weeks (including Yarrawonga) out of our one month without a house.

Our week in Kyneton was spent on cycling around the huge compounds of the bush land resort, canoeing in the little lake, swimming, hiking, reading, going grocery shopping at the town (we seldom eat out – it’s way cheaper to cook our own food here), meeting new friends, and just relaxing before the real settling down begins.

Last evening, we picked up the keys for our new home in Forest Hill. It is a totally empty house now – our furniture and stuff will probably arrive only next Tuesday. For now, my parents have bought some ordinary household cleaning stuff from Safeway are busy cleaning and mopping the floors. So by the time our furniture arrives, the house will be spick and span, ready for us to move in.

Come to think of it, we’ve officially been staying here for one month and a week already! The memory of us waving our goodbyes in the airport just 5 weeks ago seems distant and quite unbelievable. We have really left behind a lot of stuff. Now we are anticipating our familiar furniture and stuff from M’sia! We’ll finally move into our new home and furnish it for real – make it our home sweet home for at least a year.

The past one month we’ve been packing and unpacking our bags each time we travel to another holiday destination. It’s a bit daunting to think that we’ll have to unpack everything for real and begin the tiresome task of moving into the house. (Plus the fact that my sisters and I haven’t shifted house before.) I’m sure it wouldn’t feel like we’re on a holiday anymore. Nevertheless, I still have 2 months before school starts – I’ll have that much of time to get used to staying here.

Meanwhile, it’s exciting as we live each day anticipating something new and at the same time adapting ourselves to this new country. Some friends have asked me if there are any racist folks here. Honestly, I’d say that most people here are courteous, helpful and friendly. They greet you and smile. I don’t know about racist kids in school, but I guess there’s nothing to complain even if there were. Even in M’sia you’d expect something like that.

Like my dad says, people are the same everywhere. There will always be the jerks and rascals. But we can also be thankful for the few gems in life. In actual fact, we don’t know any close friends or family here. But a few folks we’ve met this one month have been real helpful. Some of the church members in the Melbourne Hope Church have been very kind to us even though we’ve only just met. We thank God for sending such wonderful new-found friends to bless us even when we least expect it.

Well, I’ve spent nearly 30 minutes writing this in the library. Got to go now. I’ll post the pictures as soon as possible. And when our house is furnished, we’ll definitely have pictures to show! Take care and God bless. Have a great weekend. ;)

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