Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mansfield Countryside

Okey-dokey, I’ve finally got the chance to blog about Mansfield! Haha, two weeks ago we were in the high countryside of Mansfield Country Resort. It was supposed to be overlooking the famous Lake Eildon, but unfortunately, 27% of the water’s been dried up by the drought – so the hills and dry bush land made up most of our villa’s front view. It was a wonderful place. The landscape out our window fascinated us. We spotted some wild kangaroos as well.

On one of the days, we visited the famous Mt. Buller – it is the only place in Melbourne that has snow-capped peaks in the winter months between June till September. We went in summer, and it was super cold up there – can’t imagine it in winter! But it was beautiful up there. We looked down the slopes that were meant for skiing. We’d definitely make a trip up there next winter!

So anyway, I don’t have all the time in the world to write everything we did, but as always, I have the pictures! :D

Janna at one of the wineries we went to on the way to Mansfield. That's all the grapevine trees in the hills behind Janna.

The background doesn't look real, does it?

A Sulfur-crested Cockatoo! The screeches they make are so annoying, I tell you.

Janna outside our villa.

We took a long morning walk under the hot sun (but thank goodness there was the perpetual wind blowing in our faces) along the hilly countryside. It was very dry, though.

Having our first dinner in Mansfield. We had a nice colorful salad and stuffed roast chicken.

Colorful salad, I told you. Haha.

We played ALOT of Scrabble.

A wild kangaroo!

This is really nice. The kangaroos were posing for the camera too!

Aw, so cute.

Too bad the kangas were in the shadows.

The background is beautiful, really.

Lovely, ain't it!

Oh this is cool. You're immediately drawn to the creepy trees, right. There were all these dry, dead trees all over the place.

I love the brilliant blue sky. You can never get this in M'sia!

I really like this shot. It's really cool. I tried it in B & W, but I like this one better cause' of the blueness of the sky. It contrasts everything.

The dead trees were so tall and intimidating, in a way... Haha.

A part of the Lake Eildon.

We met these two Aussies who were riding their scramblers along the gravel dirt trails between the hills and along the lake.

Haha, I like it cause' it's too candid. Do you see me in the background with my mum? For half of the walk back, I covered my head with my trusty sweater to keep out the bugging FLIES! Summer's coming, and all the dumb fat flies are coming to get us!

The dry, parched ground.

Annnndd... This is the view on top of Mt. Buller! It was a perfectly clear day. Really nice and sunny, but at the same time it was very windy up there.

See the little house? It's actually where the chair lifts come up in winter. We'll try that someday. It's like we sit in a bench-like cable car up to the top. It's open air. I can't imagine riding it in winter, man!

Oh my, look at the little gremlin in yellow!

Janna's been my most willing "model" or "subject" most of the time. Jirene is always reluctant to pose for me. Hahaha.

We spotted an Echidna (something like a poky Hedgehog) crossing the road!

A Rainbow Lorakeet.

Janna trying her hand at tennis.

My my, a perfect Mafia my dad would make! Hahaha. He does look like one, doesn't he. With his oversized sun goggles and all. LOL.

I really like this one. I got the chance to take quite alotta' nature shots. It took me quite a while to capture something unique in the stray weeds or wheat along the road.

A row of cute lil' post boxes!

There was one evening while having dinner, I noticed that it was sunset time. I suddenly felt the urge to leave my roast chicken and get outside with my camera. There might be something worth snapping. And sure enough, it was a good thing I ran out. It was the only time I managed to snap the hills with the warmth of the setting sun over them.

I nearly managed to get the ball of fire!!! But I was a minute late. Sigh.

This is a shot taken at the picnic spot beside the other side of Lake Eildon.

Well that’s all. My next post will be about Kyneton, once I arrange the pictures. Meanwhile, amidst all the Christmas hoo-ha here, my parents are still busy running up and down to clear up the house and all that. I and my sisters are just chilling at a friend Eleanor’s house.

Well I’ve gotta’ run now. My parents are coming to pick us up soon to visit a church in some place called Box Hill.
So have a nice day. And to those of you going off for GY Camp tomorrow (if I’m not mistaken), I really hope you guys have another blast of a camp! Make it happening and I hope to read and see lots of pictures on your blogs! God bless. =)

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