Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Kyneton Bush-Lands

I think I had the most fun at Kyneton compared to the other two holiday spots we went to – Yarrawonga and Mansfield. At Kyneton, I got to have a feel of what it’s like to hide behind the bushes and “film” wild kangaroos and snap photographs of them. Haha, it was so cool! In fact, I was the only one in my family who always spotted the kangaroos. Somehow, even when I pointed the kangaroos out to them, they couldn’t spot them at first sight. -.- Hahaha.

So anyway, I’ve got all the pictures nicely edited and posted. The kangaroo ones are up too. I managed to post a video of a mother kangaroo and its joey. It’s so adorable, I tell you. Well, have fun watching! :D

Janna and Jirene enjoying the big box of cherries we bought on the way to Kyneton from a cherry farm. It only cost 25 dollars for 5 kg! The box of cherries lasted us a whole week at Kyneton. Haha. This is the first time we ever had the luxury of eating so many juicy and sweet cherries.

We each rented a bike for a whole week for 2 dollars.

A shot with some friends we met at the Kyneton Resort. They were three sisters as well, from Sunbury.

At the pool.

We were at Daylesford market. There were loads of good bargains. Unfortunately, upon arriving, my dad announced that he had forgotten to withdraw money from the bank. He only had 20 dollars in his pocket. -.- Lol.

Overlooking winery fields.

We spotted three cute lil' ponies!

I look like crap here. Hahaha. Well you see, I nearly fell of my bike while trying to "multitask". I was trying to ride my bike and at the same time hold the oars and life jacket for canoeing and at the same time, my back pack and sweater was falling off. I looked terribly silly.

To my embarrassment, Jirene seemed way more organized. Hahaha.

We were canoeing at the lake and the sun was literally frying us. The skies are too clear here.

I love the reflections of the canoe and the two yellow people in it.

Oh look, the two yellow people!

Me and Janna were in the blue canoe.

Guess what's the little splash? It was a flying fish, I think! I sat for half and hour by the lake trying to get a shot of the fish jumping up, but I guess it was just too hard.

That's my bike on the bridge overlooking the lake. I like the shadow of the bridge railings and of the bike wheels. I purposefully tinted this a lil' greenish over B&W.

Janna and I riding our bikes over the bridge.

We took a ride around the lake. Really nice.

Can you spot the hobo sleeping on the bench? Haha, kidding. He's not a hobo. And he's actually my dad. Taking a nap on the bench by the lake. :P


Jirene was brave enough to canoe on her own. She didn't want me on her boat because I would keep rocking it and pretend a Great White is chasing us. Haha, that's what sisters are for. :P

As usual, my dad decided to sunbathe on the canoe, in the middle of the lake.

Aha! I managed to clamber into Jirene's boat as she was rowing out, and there I was, following what my dad was doing while Jirene was playing boat-rower. Hahaha.

Yeah, I'm a meanie. That's what sisters are for. :P But hey, it was fun. HAHA.

I spotted wild kangaroos outside our villa! There were a pack of them. About 7 kangaroos. I ran out alone and hid behind the trees and bushes to video them and snap photographs. I spent nearly 2 hours outside in the evening cold. But it was so exciting! For a moment I felt like I was one of the dudes filming wildlife on National Geographic. Hahaha.

It looks so cute and gentle, doesn't it? I'm so glad I managed to take a lot of close-ups this time. And thankfully they were very clear. :D

A close-up side view of one of the kangaroos.

Haha, this one was chewing on a straw of wheat. So adorable.

The two kangas happened to pose for the camera at the same time! I love it! Haha. You know, it so happens that in my family, I was the only one who kept spotting kangaroos. Even when I pointed the kangaroos out to my sisters and parents, they somehow won't spot them at first sight. Haha.

A joey scratching itself.

This was totally "the moment", man. I found this mother kanga and its joey so fascinating that I watched them for a long while. They didn't do anything fascinating at first, but then my patience paid off and I managed to snap this short moment when the mother affectionately held the joey's head close to her.

They were ruffling each others' fur. I've got this one on video.

The focus is on the stalks of tall wheat, while a lil' kangaroo poses in the background.

I love the way the warmth of the sun falls on its fur and outlines the kangaroo's head and ears. I find it a pretty simple shot, but it's somehow very beautiful.

This is one of the many videos I took. But I like this one best. At the beginning, the joey looks like it is nodding at me quizzically. It’s so, so cute! And later they take turns ruffling each others’ fur. I love it. :D

Okeydokey, that’s all for today. I gotta’ have dinner and rush out with my friend Eleanor for a Creative Arts workshop in the city.

Hope you guys enjoyed the kangaroo pictures. They’re so lovely. I can’t stop raving about them! Haha. And oh yes, one last update: My parents just got a call today that our shipping stuff and furniture will be sent to our house tomorrow! So yes, we’ll be moving in before Christmas. Thank God. =)

Hope you guys are having a blast of a time preparing for Christmas! God bless. ;)

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