Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Good News!!!

Yippee, I have lots of good news to share today! After a month and two weeks in Aussie, we’ve finally moved into our own house! :D That’s the first good news. Praise God for everything. When most people doubted that we’d find a house in a month, all my parents could do was to continue house-hunting and pray that God will lead us to the right place.

On the day we got the keys (last, last Friday) we actually planned to stay in our empty home – with sleeping bags – until our furniture from M’sia arrived. But miraculously, in God’s perfect timing, a friend in Hope church invited us to join a Christmas deco party at a youth leader’s house. Her name’s Eleanor. My parents met her mum and somehow, at the end of the evening, she invited us to stay over at their place until our stuff arrived. It was a real surprise!

What makes it more incredulous is the fact that we’re total strangers to each other. But I know for sure that it’s not by chance we met them that Friday. Sure enough, after a few days, it already felt as if we’ve known each other like, forever. Haha. If not for God’s perfect timing, we would’ve camped out on the cold floor in our empty home and not have met such wonderful people! That’s the second good news.

Last Thursday, my dad got a call that our stuff had arrived. Since then, my parents have been going to the house to arrange the furniture and sort boxes while the 3 of us stayed at Eleanor’s. Although some of our stuff is missing, we’re thankful that most of it has arrived before Christmas! That’s the third good news.

On Monday, we officially moved in. :D The house is a single-storey and it’s pretty small – but cosy. We have 3 bedrooms, a garage, and only one toilet and bathroom. Apart from the one-toilet-for-five-to-share problem, we’re pretty contented. Haha. =)

It may be small indoors, but the land outdoors is big! We have a huge backyard. I remember my mum used to tell us to pray that someday we can have a nice big backyard to play in. Now it’s a dream come true! (Though we’ll have lots of lawn-mowing and weeding to do… Haha.) That’s the fourth good news.

After all the houses we viewed, it’s a wonder that we ended up in Forest Hill. What’s more, we discovered later that this location is a pretty central area. We have a few libraries and two big shopping centres within 5 to 10 minutes drive, and there’s a nice little park a few houses up the road. Plus, it’s the only house my parents viewed that’s nearest to Blackburn High. And we got it! Now that’s the fifth good news.

And finally, the last exciting bit is that Janna and I have received a letter from Blackburn High saying we’ve been accepted into the Piano Program! It’s especially good news because the school offers it to only 30 students who show potential in piano at an audition. They don’t offer piano lessons to everyone cause’ it’s a solo instrument. So yeah, we’re very grateful that we made it! It’s less expensive to learn at school and it saves us the hassle to find a private teacher.

So anyway, after all the updates, I have some pictures here taken at Eleanor’s house. :D

Eleanor and I. It's a wonder that we got along really well although we're 10 years apart. Hahaha.
She was real fun company!
I badly needed to trim my hair. And to my delight, Eleanor offered to give me a haircut! Haha. And that's Eleanor's sister, Hannah, at the back, serenading us with a guitar. LOL.

Janna, Jirene, and Hannah.

This was taken on Monday, when we "checked-out" of their house. Haha.

I know, we all look very angelic and white. Hahaha, it was a very bright day.

Eleanor, I know you're gonna' see this. Thanks a million for having us over! You guys are truly a blessing. :D

And finally, this is a shot taken at our new home. Janna and Jirene we sorting out their stuff in their room. Haha, once our house looks neater, I'll post some nicer pictures. :)

Oh my, tomorrow’s Christmas day! We’ll be joining Eleanor’s family for our first Christmas dinner in Australia. :D They were so nice to invite us. So anyway, I hope you all have a very merry Christmas this year! Take care and God bless! ;)

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Eleanor said...

hahaha!!! i was just about to blog about my surprise Christmas gift... and well... u know you're related to it so wanted to link you to the post... and found this very touching post! *sob* sob* haha.. did i tell u i was a mushy person?? love u hunny bunny! ps- i'm gonna (try to) steal ur photos for my blog k?

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