Tuesday, January 6, 2009

At this Intersection

It really amazes me how everything has played out these two months. It feels somewhat, surreal, if that’s the right word.

At this point, my parents are still hunting for a job. My mum would get a part-time job. But since it’s still summer holidays for most people (yes, even for adults), they’re all slow on hiring new workers. So yeah, we’re praying hard for an opening. I’m sure that in God’s perfect timing, at the right “intersection” in this time of our life, we’ll get it.

It also amazes me how God has placed certain people along our way to bless us, and simply, to be our friends. It’s that simple. Friends can make such a big, big difference! In this new chapter of our life, it feels like a “reset” button was pressed. Coming here, we have to make a whole new circle of friends – and thankfully, we’re still adding to it.

Last Friday night, I got a call from Eleanor. She asked me if she and her sisters could pop over to hang out and play some board games, cause’ their parents were out that night. I grinned at the thought of it. And of course, they came over. We played Pictionary and some other card games, in which I failed badly due to my usual “blur-ness.” Everyone was laughing at me!

I find it amusing that even my new friends here are already making fun of me being so blur. In M’sia, some of you have seen how I play card games… Hahaha. I can be so unaware of what’s going on, who’s bluffing, who’s cheating, that everyone will shake their head in disbelief and laugh like I’m some big joke. Haha, no worries though, I don’t feel harassed – it’s just part of the fun. :P

After the girls left at about midnight, I went into the quietness of my room and thanked God so much that we crossed paths with such wonderful people. I think we’ll make good friends. One week staying with Eleanor and our families just click so well. It really amazes me how our friendship played out!

I also thanked God that though we’ve only stayed in our house for two weeks, we already have some friends to hang out at our place! It’s really cool. I’m so glad that we’ve crossed paths with all these new people at this intersection in our lives. And I’m sure that as we pray for God to send along our way many more good friends, He will use us in this new land to also be a blessing and a good friend to someone out there.

All of us playing Pictionary on Janna and Jirene's beds. Haha.

Hannah and her pretty drawing skills! (Really, Hannah, you were better than all of us.) Haha. :)

We were a bunch of screaming girls playing Pictionary. When anyone won, we'd cheer in triumph. It was real funny. :P

After that, my mum called us for supper. We had sweet potato tong sui and nachos while playing UNO.

Janna, Eleanor, and I :)

It was a fun night. Thanks for popping by, you guys! Come more often. :P

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