Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year’s in Melbourne City

On the 31st, we travelled to Melbourne City by train – all the train rides to the city were free! We went to Federation Square at about 9pm, and sat on the hill that was over-looking the Yarra River to watch the early fireworks – it was directly in front of us! It was a beautiful display. But we were reminded also of the poor people in Israel and the Gaza strip who were having a bleak New Year’s with all the bombs and rockets coming their way – real fireworks indeed, huh.

The city was sardine-packed with people by the time it was near midnight. There were quite a lot of programs and parties going on. I think it was the first time we spent New Year’s on our own. In the past years we would’ve been at the watch-night service in church. This year’s was a bit out of the ordinary.

There were loads of partying people around. There was once when a drunk woman dropped a bottle of alchohol in front of me. She picked it up and started talking nonsense to me and my dad. We nodded at her and smiled. The tipsy woman reeked of alchohol and caught me by surprise when she brushed my face with her hand and then did the same thing to my dad! Haha. The lady nearly got caught by the police after she hobbled off.

On ordinary days, people are not allowed to drink alchohol on the streets. But on New Year’s Eve, nobody could care less. People were hollering and hooting and shouting. Rubbish littered the streets. I suppose once people are given the once-in-a-year chance to let their hair down, they’ll do just that. Though there were many patrolling policemen around, most of drinkers didn’t get caught – there were too many of them!

We had quite a fun time observing all the funny people out there. As it neared midnight, there were more and more partying people flooding in from the station. It was quite a sight! We squeezed our way back to the Flinders Street station, our legs sore from walking so much, and left in time to see the last fireworks display from the train windows at about 12.

I never thought we’d be spending New Year’s in the city. It was quite a night!

Dad and Jirene in the train. Yikes, they always happen to wear that same shirt! Hahaha.

Aw, ain't that nice. :)

The Flinders Street station! And yes, the crowd you see is only the "beginning". It was still quite early.

I love this shot. With all the movement and the clocks on the building. It feels somewhat, "timeless", if you get what I mean...

Janna and I standing right on the tram tracks with St. Paul's catheral in the background (I think it's St. Paul's... haha) . Its a once in a year occasion to step in the middle of the tracks and not have a tram coming your way!

Hey, there's actually a "BATMAN AVENUE"!

Another catheral. The spots on the building is caused by the sunlight.

"Flying" balloons! Hahaha.

The Melbourne performing and music arts center stands out on the right.

We were sitting on the hill of people up there.

Hehe, can you spot my dad???

This was beside the Yarra River and right beside the place where the fireworks was fired. I love the sunrays peeking out from the tree and the prominent shadows of the people sitting under it.

Janna and Jirene

I like this one. I happened to notice the sunrays streaming through the leaves and making it all shimmery. It's almost enchanting.

Fireworks! Okay, that wasn't fireworks - it was the "beginning" of the fireworks. Haha.

I read in the news that they spent on 5 tonnes of fireworks that night (including the 12am one)!

It was pretty interesting because as the fireworks was blasting, there was also a music "accompaniment" that followed it.

Now that's what I'm talking about, man! It was sardine-packed! And still, people were flooding in from the station.

The three of us with the Flinders Station lighted in the background.

Mum and dad.

Jirene got tired of walking and pleaded with my dad to give her a "piggy-back". *Rolls eyes* (I don't remember being like that when I was 11!) Hahaha. The youngest in the family will always be the biggest "baby" around. :P

As the crowd got more "interesting" by the hour, we decided to stand behind these bars to do some "people-watching". Hahaha. It was quite funny to watch. We would've stayed longer if our legs weren't so tired. :P
Yeap, it was quite a night. Our first New Year's in Australia! How cool is that. Haha. =) Hope you guys had a fabulous one too.
Have a nice day and God bless! ;)


Eunice said...

I LOVE your pictures, Janielle! And you are using a point and shoot? AWESOME stuff la girl! :) And your post processing is loveleh. I'm sure your camera and photoshop must be your favourite things! Mine least, but I don't use Photoshop as I can't get it down on my comp! So I use picnik. Haha! How about you?

Janielle Beh said...

Hey Eunice!

Haha thanks. I'm pretty much into photography. Or rather, a fanatic of it. LOL. I'm not using an ordinary point and shoot though. It's a Canon semi-pro. Btw, your cupcake pics are very professional. Write a book and make good use of all those pictures, someday! :P I don't use photoshop either. Just Photoscape. It's pretty cool. =)

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