Sunday, January 25, 2009

No Ang Paus This Year!

Today is Chinese New Year’s eve! Honestly, the novelty of Chinese New Year has been kinda’ lost on me. It’s not as fun and exciting anymore. Anyhow, what’s more, we’re in Australia this year! No family, not many friends, no pineapple tarts, no sweet and sour titbits, no cheongsam (I outgrew mine ages ago), no family reunion, no playing Black Jack with our cousins, no firecrackers, and saddest of all, no ang paus!

Can you imagine?!?

It’s a bit gloomy, but oh well, we’re still very blessed to have each other for company. Five of us! Now that’s a luxury. Big Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear, and the Three Little bears. Wouldn’t you say we’re so lucky? :D Compared to other smaller families out there, or to the many students who’re studying here and are away from their homeland, we are very much better off. Haha, thank God.

To celebrate the occasion, my parents decided that we’d have a simple steamboat dinner tonight after we get back from church service in Crossway. Steamboat! What a luxury. It’d be good for winter days. :D

Tomorrow, the first day of Chinese New Year, also happens to be Australia Day! Haha, so we’re celebrating two things at a time. Well, we’re not citizens of Australia, but who cares, we’ll be there to celebrate our making of a new home here and watch the fireworks! :P

Anyway, here are the pictures we took at our steamboat dinner. =)

The three bears, as our relatives like to call us. :)

It was indeed an awesome steamboat dinner among ourselves!

We had beef, chicken, sotong, mushrooms, and prawns. Simple, but it was a hearty dinner indeed. =)


We hope you guys are having a wonderful Chinese New Year’s celebration, too! You are all very lucky to be receiving ang paus back home, ya’ know. :P Hehe. And to all our family members and cousins: We really miss all your lively (and noisy) company! We miss playing Black Jack and Cho Tai Ti with you cousins. And of course, to our uncles and aunties and grandparents, we miss receiving your ang paus! :P Harhar.

Happy Chinese New Year! Lots of love from the Beh clan. :D

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ayesha said...

Happy Chinese New Year!
May God continue to bless you guys with mercy, favour and continue to guide you guys.

Lotsa love!

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