Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Summer Dresses & School Lunches

Phew, today the temperature has soared up to 45 degrees! Time to wear shorts, ditch the jumpers, and hit the beaches! ;) The skies are too blue to be true. We have no protection from the blazing sun if we step outside. The sun has become a big white patch with unbearable rays burned into the blue sky.

When I went out to hang clothes in the backyard this morning, I was struck by a heat wave! Have you been to a sauna? It feels just like it now! The air is very dry here, so at least you don’t sweat. That’s what my dad likes about it here. He doesn’t sweat at all!

Man, I can’t imagine having to endure this heat in school next week. Hopefully the temperature won’t stay stuck at over forty. What’s more, I didn’t buy a summer dress for school! I must say, the school uniforms here literally cost a bomb. We bought second-hand ones. Sadly, they didn’t have my size for a light, airy summer dress, so I’ll have to wear black pants and the school polo shirt instead. Gah.

Yesterday night, my sisters and I were planning our “lunch menu” for next week. For the first time, we’ll have to prepare our lunchbox for school. Sound like spoiled brats? Haha no worries, we’re far from that – I should think. Having enjoyed the privilege of lunch at home, I’ll have to start packing recess food now. Haha, quite exciting huh. :P

While my sisters have already met a handful of friends at orientation last December, I don’t know a single person! However, I was ecstatic when a girl by the name of Lin Li added me on Facebook and we found out that we were both living in Melbourne! What’s more amazing, after exchanging a few mails, I found out that she goes to Blackburn High too! :D :D :D

After prodding my memory a bit, I finally recalled that Lin Li and I had met at a Rangers’ Pow Wow camp some 3 years back. She was from Sel #6, so some of you should know her. Man, it’s so exciting to find out that she’s here! Although I barely remember her, I really thank God that somehow we meet again on Facebook and now I actually know someone who’s in the same school. So cool right. :D

I’ll conclude that though I used to find Facebook a bit retarded, I now find that it has proved to be amazingly useful. Sometimes I’m a bit annoyed by random adds, but some of them have made really cool connections!

A shot of Janna with her helium-filled balloons. I love the sunlight falling on her and the grass.
G'day mate! :)


Elysia Ang said...

awh man the heat!
don u guys haf skirts?

--justine-- said...

Facebook is "amazingly useful" eh?? And who was the one who prodded you to get an account?

YES I know I'm rubbing it in! :D

Hahahahha! =P

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