Thursday, January 29, 2009

Heat Wave Strikes Down Under!

Yes, it’s true. We
are struck by a blistering, hot – and I really mean hot – heat wave. Yesterday I said it feels like a sauna – today, I’d say it’s more like an oven! The temperature soared to 50 degrees! I know this sounds like a weather report, but I find it incredulous. I’ve never experienced such hot weather. Never.

I’ve just read in the online news that in Melbourne alone, about 150 public trains have stopped working because of the crazy heat. And in some areas, the electricity is out because too many people are blasting their air-conds at home. In Adelaide, the trains have stopped working altogether. I didn’t believe it when my dad told me this morning. It’s no doubt that more bizarre news will keep us stupefied in the coming days.

What’s more incredulous, The Herald Sun reported that it’s the first time since 1875 that Victoria has experienced such a sweltering summer. The news even described it as "furnace-like". Even after saying that, I should add that in 1875, the highest temperature recorded was only 43.3C – and it lasted 2 days. Today, the heat has definitely broken the record to 50C
. The forecast says this heat wave will last till Sunday.

Yesterday night our family actually slept together in the living room
so we can all share our only air-conditioner in the house! HAHA. It's so hot that we can’t even go to the beach, for crying out loud! Or even the toilet. It doesn’t have ventilation, so the tiny space is stuffy with a 48 degree heat. This is definitely not the summer we imagined.

A few weeks ago, people told us that this year’s summer is pretty unusual – in other words, it’s not hot enough! However, the weath
er (like what’s happening in the rest of the world) has taken us by surprise again. Boy, oh boy.

Everyone is flocking to the shopping malls and libraries today – FREE AIR-COND!!! Sounds desperate? Even so, our relief was shortlived when the electricity died. Can’t you believe it? How could such a thing happen in a library?! So anyway, we sought refuge in another library – and bought ice-cream on the way (which melted before we even licked).

We all know it’s nothing new that the world has turned topsy-turvy. But really, I am still stupefied by all these bizarre things happening. This world is falling apart. That's what I truly think.
God help us!

"The world is passing away… But he who does the will of God abides forever." - 1 John 2:17

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