Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No Doubt

I think today is the hottest summer days we’ve had so far. The forecast says its 37 degrees! I’m sitting beside my bedroom window and I can feel the heat of the sun blazing on my arm. People say that this year’s summer is pretty unusual cause’ it’s still not getting hot enough. The temperature goes up, and then it goes back down. So has the weather been any more unusual for you guys back in M’sia?

In my previous post – the one which I think you guys like very much (Su Ling says Jirene looks like one of the kids modelling for Pumpkin Patch! Haha!) – I mentioned that my dad has found his first job here. And yes, he sure did! It’s pretty amazing that he got it although it was only his first interview. We really thank God for that.

My dad started work last Monday, and he’s been travelling to the city by train every weekday. It’s a sales job to sell holiday packages. Well, it’s not what my dad particularly has in mind, but for now, it is indeed a blessing – at least we have the money coming in! Hehe.

All this while, I’ve been seeing with my own eyes and experiencing for myself God’s goodness working in our lives. I can feel for sure. I’m sure you guys have read for yourself and know that we wouldn’t have gone this far if God was not with us. And that’s the most amazing thing that I want to share with you of all – that we had the guts to take this leap because we are assured that God is with us!

But of course, it is not as if we just sit back and wait for all the nice things to fall from heaven. We still had to worry about what comes next and try to make the right decisions. Dad and mum had to do what was sensible to make things work. But the awesome thing about it all is that God has been our strength and our security.

There was a time when I doubted God. It was a foolish attempt of my mind to be “logical”. But then I was reminded of my encounter with God. I remembered all the miracles and answered prayers. I remembered how God touched my heart and changed my view of life. And so I shunned my doubt. God has been and still is so real in my life – how could I have doubted?

How is God real in YOUR life? I suppose it’s a bit daunting to find an answer at first, but you should give it thought. If now you realize that God hasn’t really taken action in your life, you should really ask Him to. It’ll be the best thing that you’ll ever ask for. And once you’ve tasted the goodness of it, don’t let it go!

“Oh taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who trusts in Him!” – Psalm 34:8

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