Monday, January 19, 2009

Back to Square One!

Hey ho, how’re you guys? I’m blogging at the library again!

Here’s an update in the life and times of the Beh family:

My dad has quitted his telemarketing sales job after less than 10 days! HAHA.

Well here’s the truth, Dad didn’t like the job at all. He was desk-bound from 9 to 5pm five days of the week, and being the restless guy he is, my dad told himself “man, this job is killing me!” And so, he did the best thing ever, he quit.

Now we’re back to square one – back to job-hunting! Prayerfully, Dad’s next job will fit his persona better. Haha. When my dad told us he was quitting, I wasn’t surprised at all. In fact, I was very happy for him. Better to quit now than to waste your time day in day out doing what you don’t believe in!

The past two weeks have been a bit uneventful. So what have I been occupied with at home? Well, other than burying my head in the books from the library, I’ve been doing what I think do best – practicing music. Yes, I’ve been trying to practice my violin and piano! I need more self-discipline now that I don’t have a teacher. I’m not too driven cause’ I don’t have anyone to please. HAHA. xD

Truth is, it’s not easy to focus. Also, my parents haven’t been nagging me like they used to. So each time I practice, I pray and ask God to help me through it. But I know that once I resume lessons and join the violin ensembles in school, I’ll definitely be more enthusiastic to practice. I can’t wait – school will add a lot more excitement to our lives!

In the weekend, we spent time shopping for school materials and uniform. It was quite dreadful. I was so tired of walking and comparing prices between all the big stores like Big W, Target, K mart, and Coles. But in the end, we pretty much ticked off most of the stuff we needed on the list. Phew, thank God for that! =)

Yesterday, we visited two churches. In the morning, we went to CityLife, about 15 minutes from home. We’ve been there 3 times. It’s a big church. And in the evening, we went to Crossway. They have two morning services and one evening service at 6 pm. We’re pretty comfortable with Crossway so far. Plus, it’s only 5 minutes away! It’s the only church we’ve visited where we don’t know anyone. Crossway has a large congregation, and there are many nationalities.

We met the youth pastor, Christina Aiton, and she says that youth will resume on Feb 6 (in Aus, the youth & children’s ministries in most churches take a break during summer hols). It’s called SURGE and comprises more than 200 youths. It all sounds good, but we’re always mindful to not just go wherever’s most convenient or happening. We want to go where God wants us be; and I believe as we pray and seek His will, God will lead.

I hope that you too will begin 2009 with your eyes fixed on Jesus and seek Him to lead you where you are meant to make an impact and grow in Him. With God, you can never go wrong!

Before I say “G’day mate”, I’d like to post some pictures we took in our rooms some days ago. =)

On one particularly boring day, I took peek in Janna and Jirene's room and found Janna writing her diary while Jirene was sadly playing Monopoly on her own! HAHA. Don't worry, she always does that.

I got them to hold out the photo frames their friends made for them as a farewell gift with their pictures in it. So nice lah. Jirene's one was from Debbie Chew, and Janna's from Ashley. I also got one from Diane. I think it's one of the sweetest things to give someone as a farewell gift!

See the board behind me? I actually made that from the cardboard boxes we had from the shipping. I made it into a sort of clip board cause' I thought my room looked so plain. And I clipped all the cool pictures of me and my family & friends from M'sia.

Haha, I didn't have a desk. But my dad managed to create something for me out of the special Ikea furniture.

I have the smallest room, but it turns out to be the most spacious 'cause I have a single bed and no wardrobe like the others. And one thing I'm happy about is that my room has a two big windows. I love natural light! I wakes me up in the morning. Haha.

And oh, I thought I'll just add this. Here’s a picture of a group of the Hope Christian church youths with Esther Chieng in the middle. I’m standing beside her. That was her last Sunday here. She went back to M’sia last Friday. Coincidentally, I found out that she’s Esther Teo’s best buddy back home! Haha. Is it coincidence, or is the world just getting smaller?

Now, blogging done, I’m gonna’ search out some people on Facebook. :P God bless and G’day matey. ;)

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