Friday, April 24, 2009

CLIC Youth

Last Saturday, my dad organized a simple youth meeting at a park near Monash Uni in Berwick. Our youth group in CLIC is just starting out, and there are only less than 10 of us including my sisters and Claire. My dad will pioneer this youth work and it’ll be exciting. I find it rather overwhelming at the same time.

Compared to the youth group I previously was involved in, CLIC youth is miniature! Haha. Well like I said, we are just starting out. Everything that's big had to start small some time ago... We will do what we can and trust God to give the increase. We’ll be the ones who will help start a youth church. There is not much to build on. My dad has to start from scratch. This is our chance to truly build our foundation on Jesus and nothing or no one else!

Last Saturday at the park, our youth group met for the second time. My dad has pulled together a few uni students who will help him with this new work. For now, there are just two other people my age, a few younger ones like my sisters and the handful of uni students.

I came to realize that God had been preparing us to come here these past 3 years when we were with Grace Assembly. I was blessed with the opportunity to follow my dad and to help out in the youth groups in Klang, PJ, and USJ. It has been an awesome experience and I’ll never forget the people whom I’ve crossed paths with. My sisters and I have learned to be versatile and adaptable to mix well with different groups of people. Now I see that God has been preparing us for our time here. It’s exciting!

I am amazed at how God led us here to CLIC. We never expected coming here. But I believe God has a purposeful plan and we’re here to serve for a reason.

Haha, any of you guys back home miss my awesome Pap?

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Shannon Keng said...

Yes we do. And freaking awesome hairdo!

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