Sunday, April 19, 2009


I finally got the chance to visit Planetshakers church in Melbourne city this week and last Sunday. On Sunday, our whole family took the train to Hisense Arena where the special service – before the 4-day Planetshakers ‘One’ conference – was held. John Bevere was speaking, and it was really great to hear him after reading one of his books.

Planetshakers was everything I expected it to be – lots of flashing lights, loud praise and worship, jumping, plenty of hype, and all that. Haha, I thanked God for the opportunity to visit. They include a lot of praise & worship throughout their service. Honestly, I actually find the music too loud. You barely hear yourself. Yeah, I know, that’s the point, right. x)

Anyway, I really enjoyed John Bevere’s preaching. Initially for the first ten minutes, there was a lot of hoo-hah and fun. But after that, it was the real him, judging by how he writes his books – like my dad said. Haha. He included Scripture verses throughout his message, and it was pretty deep stuff. The crowd became quieter after that. Haha.

I told you I went twice, right. Well, the second time I visited was on Thursday – the last night rally of the Shakers conference. I joined the ECC youth group that night. The arena was packed. About 10,000 people, I guess. Glen Berteau preached, and he was a funnier & more entertaining guy for the crowd. Everyone was laughing and clapping nearly the whole time. It was good. A lot of hype. Sometimes I think it’s too much – well for me, I get distracted from the real message.

Anyway, here are the few pictures I snapped. =)

Tiffany Hui and I

The lighting and color was awesome, really. I wasn't permitted to take pictures though, unfortunately.

Oh this is the funny picture my dad caught! This lady brought her baby and made sure the kiddo had ear mufflers! Haha. The loud sounds would have blasted the poor kid's eardrums.

With my sisters on Sunday night.

Oh man, guess what, school’s starting tomorrow already! Haha, I was just starting to enjoy my holidays! Felt like going back to the ‘home school days’. :P Well, God has been awesome to me. Hope you guys have an awesome week. Turrahs. ;)

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