Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hey there peeps. Yesterday and today were pretty hot days, considering it’s supposed to be autumn. Oh well, there were the cold days as well. But today’s temperature felt like in M’sia. Anyway, we’re looking for clothes to prepare us for colder weather already. I’m really thankful that the weather has been switching from hot to cold and back to warm again for the past one month. It’s a good thing cause’ it helps me adjust better.

Oh oh I must tell you some good news, I have another piano student now! Her name is Camilla Thisted, and she’s from Denmark. She heard about me teaching her friend Amelie, and asked if I could teach her as well. I was really thrilled that she asked. Camilla will be here until August, and then she’ll go back to Denmark with her family. They are only here for a year cause’ her dad has work here.

It was fun teaching Camilla. She comes to my house to learn after school on Wednesdays. Yesterday while waiting for my dad to pick us up, we engaged in a pretty interesting conversation. She told me a lot about where she came from and stuff like that. I asked if she prefers here to Denmark, and she told me that she’d like to stay here cause’ the people are generally pretty friendly and nice. It was really cool to exchange our experiences from different countries.

Camilla told me that in her school in Denmark, they didn’t have to wear uniform and I found it quite funny when she told me, “The teacher tells us that we can wear whatever we want to school as long as we bathe every morning.” I found that incredulous since it’s mostly always cold in her country. When I told her that I’ve never seen snow before, she actually looked surprised. Haha. I told her that in M’sia, we wear only one layer all the time!

I expressed my worry about having to experience my first winter here. The temperature would be about 15 degrees and less. Camilla says compared to where she comes from, 15 degrees or less is really not cold at all! How funny is that? Haha. :)

Tomorrow’s the last day of school for Term 1. We’ll be driving off to Phillip Island in the evening for the CLIC church camp. Just heard the weather forecast – the next few days will be back to cool weather again.

Oh geez, I’ve got to go now. Till the next time I get the luxury to update, God bless and toodles!

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