Tuesday, April 7, 2009

CLIC & ECC Camp, Phillip Island

Whoopee, I’m back from camp! Man, it was a real purposeful and refreshing one. Phillip Island is about 2 hours from Melbourne. It’s a super-duper cold & windy place all the time! So apart from some outdoors activities, we all enjoyed ourselves indoors. Hopefully we can visit it in summer next year.

When we arrived on Friday, I was pleasantly surprised to see a bunch of about 30 youths at camp. I found out then that it was actually a combine camp with Evangelical Community Church (ECC) in Blackburn. There was a good mix of kiddies, youths, and adults.

I was really excited for the chance to meet another bunch of new people! I first met ECC’s youth leader, Incy, and she introduced me to some youths. By Saturday night, I started to click pretty well with them. We stayed up playing mafia for the two nights, and by the end of the camp I got know nearly all of them! Boy it was fun.

On Saturday and Sunday, the youths had our own sessions with Ps. Steven Teo while the adults had theirs with Ps. David Palmer. The theme of the camp was Get Connected. I was blessed by every session. Ps. Steven got through to us that we must always stay connected and plugged into God.

Now I’m back from camp with these four awesome messages in my heart:

1) GOD ORCHESTRATES EVERYTHING IN OUR LIVES and we are certainly born for a time such as this. Stay connected with God even in the worst of times, because God has a bigger picture, and He will turn bad situations around for good.

Many of the great men and women in the Bible were in tune with God from young. Don’t wait till you’re “older” to plug into God. When you start young, you’re setting out your path in light of God’s plan and its no doubt you’ll find your destiny in God.

3) NEVER EVER FORGET GOD’S FAITHFULNESS. We are forgetful people. Even if God does the most miraculous things, it’s possible for us to forget it later on. It happens to me. Whenever I’m stuck, it seems God cannot save me. But thankfully I’ll be reminded that God has given me solutions so many times before. No matter how bad this one seems, God can make a way again.

That’s how you keep purity in your life and listen to what God is saying every situation. Ps. Steven said something I cannot forget, “If you know your God, you will do great exploits for Him.” Do you just believe, or do you seek to experience and know God for yourself?

When we realize that God has a plan, we’ll know that there’s no such thing as good or bad news. God makes full use of everything that happens to me. He even makes good use of my failures. People or circumstances may intend for evil, but you know what, God can turn it around for good.

God takes our failures and builds it up for success. Don’t believe it? Then it just might not happen for you. Ps. Steven repeatedly said: To stay connected we have to shut out all the noise and distractions in life. Yes oh yes, it’s difficult, but it’s only a lil’ sacrifice to make for what God has in store for us when we listen.

I was really blessed at this camp. I got the chance to connect with the awesome peeps in ECC. I also got to know the youths in CLIC better. It was a fruitful camp and I hope in the coming days I can give back to God all He has blessed me with!

And finally, it’s picture time! :D I wish I took more outdoor pictures, but it was mostly cloudy and too windy to pose outside. xD Haha. Enjoy.

Smiths Beach. This was taken on the last day. We visited the beach before leaving. I'll post the beach pictures in the next post. :D

Kit, Janna, Jirene, Claire, and I getting ready for the Flying Fox activity. Man, it was so windy that day.

Dad and mum with Ps. Jeff and aunty Eva.

Kit, Chloe, Jirene, and Claire going canoeing.

Me, Rachel, Stephanie, and Christy having breakfast.

With Christy and Simone.

The kiddoes!

The kids playing mafia.

Emily and I.

With Rachel and Steph at dinner. You know, we had western food the whole camp. Last night when we got back, we all decided without argument that we'll go to Glen Waverly for some nice, hot Chinese food. :P Hahaha.

Izrael and I. It's a pity he looks so blur here. He's such a cheery kiddo!

Gail and I. She's from CLIC too, and she's in Year 12.

Calvin and Michelle. Hey, it really works, ya know! Hahaha.

See the fella' in the middle? He has a name that's more unique than mine! Haha, he's Drexel.

Drexel, Calvin, me, Michelle, and David.


Introducing, Tabs! (Short for Tabitha. :P) She's the only girl from ECC that's in year 10 too! And she's really 'huggable'. Haha. :D

Drexel and I

You know, I don't remember taking this shot. Must've been Drexel. Pfft, violating my camera! :P

Haha, what a nice shot hey! Tabs climbed on and fell off 3 times. But she didn't give up! Made it the fourth round. :D

I told you she's huggable. :)

Group photo. We all look too small unfortunately.

You know, at first I had suggested the girls come together for a picture, but then everyone else jumped in, and we ended up with a few awesome group photos of the youthful bunch! :D

Don't we look good :) all together!

Finally, a "girls only" shot. :P


In conclusion, I'd like to say the camp was awesome cause' these guys rocked, and of course, God was with us and He's the awesomest! :D

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