Friday, April 10, 2009

Smiths Beach

After the camp on Monday, we decided to take a drive to the beach before leaving Phillip Island. Man, it was so, so windy! My face ached from the numbing cold. Haha. It would surely be nicer in summer.

My fingers were so numb while snapping pictures. At first the sky was really cloudy and downcast, but I prayed a lil’ prayer that the clouds would clear a bit so at least I can leave with a few good blue-sky shots in hand. And amazingly, the clouds cleared a bit, and the sun peaked out for a while. It was just enough for me to get some clearer and brighter photographs. Yippee yay! :D

So here are the pictures. =)

There were actually a few crazy dudes going surfing that day! I can't imagine. The seawater in Melbourne is so freezing cold!

The three stooges, yo!

My two ah beng sisters in their puffy jackets. Haha.

The skies cleared for a bit!

That's all for now. Have a great weekend, peeps! Happy blessed Easter, too. ;)

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ayesha said...

Those are awesome looking shots. Can almost feel the coolness of the air by looking at the pictures! haha.

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