Sunday, May 3, 2009

Autumn Concert

On Wednesday, our school held our first concert for the year – the Autumn Concert!

On the concert night, we were all half frozen. I was worried my fingers won’t budge when I play. Haha.

Did you know that this week the maximum temperature was only about 16 degrees? In the morning and night, it drops to less than 10. It is snowing in the higher parts of Melbourne. You know, it’s still autumn – winter comes in June. On Thursday morning, the temperature at Blackburn was 0 degrees. But thank goodness it increased later in the day cause’ of the sun.

So yeah, during the concert, we girls were freezing, and when the guys were complaining about the cold, we had all the right in the world to shut them up! They were wearing suits, for crying out loud! Hahaha.

Anyway, I was performing with my violin in two orchestras that night – the Senior Strings Orchestra and the Symphony Orchestra. There were nearly 20 performances by the various bands, orchestras, choirs, and instrument ensembles. I also sang in a choir. Janna and I were required to join the choir cause’ we were learning piano in school. Every student who learns an instrument from school will have to join at least one ensemble or orchestra.

Here are some pictures and a video my dad took.

Singing Finlandia and Blue Skies in the choir. I know, we were pretty slack on this one - had to refer to the scores. xD

With some of my friends. Vanessha, Stephanie, and Jenny.

The Symphony Orchestra. We played a movement by Haydn and Star Trek: Through the Years.

Hahaha, I know, we all tend to look dead serious when we play. :P

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