Sunday, July 26, 2009

Great Ocean Road Trip

Last Saturday our family and a group a uni students (some of which make up the young adults cell which my dad recently started in CLIC) went on a day trip along the Great Ocean road and to the 12 Apostles.

We drove along Great Ocean road and enjoyed some really beautiful sea views all the way. It took us about 4 hours drive to arrive at the famous 12 Apostles (or rather, 11 Apostles, since one had collapsed). Haha. We arrived at sunset and I had just enough time to snap some really breathtaking shots with the golden glow of the setting sun. But unfortunately, the sun set quickly and we didn’t arrive in time to snap nice shots at several other lookout points.

Dad says we’ll certainly make another Great Ocean road trip some day and make sure we have enough time to snap all the photos we want and enjoy the view of the 12 Apostles at every lookout point. I’ll look forward to that. Now, I can’t wait to show you the pictures and some videos!

Stopping by a lighthouse on the way.
We stopped by at a waterfall along the way. It was definitely quite a miserable looking one compared to the many we've seen in M'sia and other places. Haha.

We had such beautiful blue skies and sea view while driving along the Great Ocean road.

Dad and Nick Lee.

Goofing around on the edge of the cliff! :P

We had such beautiful weather that day. And it wasn't super windy as I expected.

A nice shot with Oke. She's a uni student in Monash and she's from Nigeria.

We finally arrived at the 12 Apostles stretch at sunset. This is our first breathtaking view! The rolling and crashing waves were magnificent.

What a beautiful sight! I was squeling with delight at the thought having the opportunity to take photos of this awesome place.

We arrived at the perfect time of the day.. But since it was sunset, I have to scramble to take these photos. Every moment counts cause' the beautiful warm glow of the sun is dimming.

I wish I had all the time in the world to snap at a thousand and one different angles! I'm certainly going back there again.

My favorite shot. Thank God I snapped in time. 30 seconds later, that majestic golden glow had disappeared! I think that was the special ingredient that made this a great photo.

Its almost fantasy-like, isn't it?

Amazing stuff.

I'm alone in the picture because I was the first to run out to the view point. Charlene was so nice to run after me so I don't get lost. xD She took this picture. Haha. The sun was setting fast, I really was scrambling to the next spot so I won't miss the sunset shots!

Its almost like those moments that can usually only be seen on TV!

Good thing they managed to catch up with me and snap this shot before the sun went down! We're definitely coming here again. Haven't taken enough photos yet. =)

Till the next post, have a nice day! God bless. =)

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