Sunday, July 26, 2009

My First Solo Performance

Phew, after performing Chopin’s Impromptu No. 1, all I could think of was the mistakes I made and how by God's grace He kept me going.
Haha, seriously! Thankfully, no one actually noticed the minute mistakes – except my teacher, of course. The first thing I did when it ended was silently thank God for keeping me from stopping the flow even when my mind went blank because I lost focus or looked too much at my hands. Haha.

It was my first ever solo performance. My teacher invited me to play at the school’s annual Gala Soiree, which features the higher level music students. I knew I had to do it. It’ll be my first ever solo on piano, and one that I’ve been praying for. Ms Birze said it’ll be a good opportunity for me to also prepare for the VCA audition (that’s another thing I must write about soon, haha).

I practiced and practiced and practiced, yet there are still parts that are not “refined” enough. I prayed countless times, God help me. Please help me! I know nuts about this. I still know nuts each time I start a new piece. Haha.

On the night of the performance, I felt strangely calm. God help me!!! While waiting for my turn, I was trying hard to keep calm. Haha. When I started playing, the the grand piano strangely sounded so loud. For brief moments I kept concentration by closing my eyes – immerse yourself in it, Janielle. You’re performing for your audience, but you’re really simply shutting them out of the picture in order to perform.

In 5 short minutes, it was over! I felt like I didn’t make the most of it. xD For the Gala Soiree, there were only 16 performers and out of it, 4 pianists. I thought there would be more! I thank God for giving me the opportunity through Ms Sandra. Now I finally have a taste of what’s it like to go up there and throw in your best to play a piece from memory. What if I forget...? That ugly thought constantly nags me.

On a happy note, I find out after that that I was the only one performing from memory! Haha, I sure felt pretty good then. Now, as much as I hope there will be more opportunities, I am actually dreading having to perform like that again. It’s nearly a life and death situation. Just one wrong note, and its ruined. No kidding man.

Here’s a video of my performance. I used to wonder when I’ll finally be able to play like one of those mad composers, hunched over the piano with their heads bobbing up and down, left and right, so very immersed in the music. Well, now I’ve got my wish. Hahaha.

At the grand piano with my awesome piano teacher, Ms Sandra Birze.
Jess Farrell and I. She's a year 12 student and she rocks in piano and flute! To my amazement, she's actually preparing to take AMUS (one level higher than Gr 8) for BOTH piano and flute.


Two of us with Mrs Carrington, our violin teacher.
Ms Sandra Birze with Janna and I. =) I'm so glad that God sent her along our path. He answered my prayer. In half a year, she's already helped me and Janna make such great leaps. She's the bestest teacher in the world!

Hmm, now that I’ve got that over with, my NEXT nerve-wrecking roller coaster adventure is the Victoria College of Arts audition. I’ll tell you more about that soon. =)

Have a smashing weekend. God bless! ;)

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