Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sydney & Hillsong 2009 Part II

On the way to the arena one morning, I spotted a beautiful rainbow! It was a fully arched rainbow!


Joel Houston, the leader of the Hillsong United band

Chris Tomlin, during the Creative stream

Joel Osteen, one of the guest speakers

Louie Giglio

A snippet from his Indescribable video

Our God is amazing, the Creator of the heavens and the whole universe. Yet, the amazing thing is He cares for us and He hears my prayer. I know He is God and He is real to me!

Jentezen Franklin

Darlene Zschech

Faith + Hope + Love

Last night of the Hillsong Conference!

On the last day, I met up with my cousin Eugene and his wife Wai Teng. They were holidaying in Sydney too.

Eugene and I with St. Mary's cathedral in the background.

Its beautiful!

I love this shot! The door is so beautiful and it looks as if it leads to a different world.

Hehe, I really wanted this shot. I already pictured it in my mind when I saw the beautiful cathedral doors. :)
Finally, a shot with Charlene! :D

At the Museum station with Charlene and Nick.

What a classic! Love it :D

With Char, Nick, and Daniel

Our last shot before arriving at the airport!

It was a memorable trip. I thank God once again for the opportunity. Now I’ve been back to school for a week. It’s getting busy again. Yesterday I had a performance with the Symphony Orchestra at the Music educators conference. It was quite a privelege for our group to perform for the top music people from different parts of Australia.
Another highlight coming up would be tomorrow's Gala Soiree. My teacher asked me if I wanted to perform solo with Chopin's Impromptu in A flat major at the concert, which features all the higher level students of every instrument. Man, I was a bit nervous cause' it'll be my first time performing solo! But then I thanked God for opening the door even though I'm quite a new student in Blackburn High. I commited the opportunity to God and I decided I must give it a go! So yeah, I've been practicing until I can play with my eyes closed. Hahaha. Await my update on that soon! You guys have a nice week ahead then! God bless. =)

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