Sunday, August 2, 2009

What A Life!

After what seemed like a very, very long time, I decided to follow Janna and Jirene on a bike trip around the neighbourhood today. Ever since winter invaded our lives, I kinda’ stopped going on evening jogs and bike rides. Yes, I can’t wait for winter to be over!

However, we’ve had some pleasant days when the weather was really just nice. Today it went up to 17 degrees! So anyway, I decided to go along with sisters this evening after we got back from church. Yeah, sounds pretty early to be called “evening”, but if you didn’t know, the sun has been setting at around 5 pm in winter. What a dread, right. In summer it used to last until nearly 9 pm some days!

We cycled to the park. Seeing my sisters goofing around like hooligans, it suddenly came to me that I should go get my camera. Haha. I had a “hunch” that I’ll be capturing some good moments. So I went back and grabbed my cam. My photography “intuition” proved to be pretty accurate, hey! I ended up getting some really memorable close up shots of my sisters. There are times when you just feel like you’ll get a great picture if you’ll just trouble yourself enough to get your camera. It was one of those times that makes me thankful for the life I’m living!

Jirene wanted to show off her flip! Haha, what a goof, right. :P

Whee :D

Trying to fit in both their fat bums.

My gorgeous sisters :)


Yea yea, laugh all you want. I was wearing my pajamas attire. My sisters were poking fun at how fat I looked. I was wearing two layers of pants, 3 thin layers inside and my puffy jumper. Hahaha. And Janna was wearing shorts. =O

Can you believe it, this was actually a shot that was unplanned for. When Jirene spontaneously flashed a smile, I quickly grabbed the moment by clicking the shutter. After that, I tried to get her to smile again, but it didn't turn out as genuine and pure as the original. Haha.

Another winner shot! I love it. I happened to be standing up there, and Jirene looked up at me and struck this pose which looked PERFECT! :DDD

The beautiful moon was visible in the blue skies already!

One of those jolly days where all the best shots seems to just fall from heaven. =)

Have a great week ahead! I think my next post will be about the Melbourne Bands Festival competition next weekend in which Janna and I will perform in our orchestras. Cool, can’t wait! God blesscha’ loads. ;)

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