Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Royal Melbourne Show

For my birthday this year, our family decided to do something different from the usual dinner celebrations. We went to the Royal Melbourne Show on Wednesday! I remember the last time we went was nearly 6 years ago when we were in Perth. That time we were wondering if we would move to Australia someday. Now we’re here! Anyway, we spent the whole afternoon and night walking and walking non-stop. My mad sisters were so “zealous” hunting for candy show bags that I was put-off cause’ we missed quite a few of the animal shows. Haha.

We met up with some church friends from KL who were on holiday: Pauline, Josh Chan, Shina, Jaymi and Sarah Lim. We spent quite a lot of money just for the entry tickets to get in to spend more money! Hah. :P Anyway, although I wasn’t too pleased with my sisters’ mad rush for candies that I missed some of the stuff that would be fun for me, I’m grateful that we did something different for my birthday! And of course we were happy to meet up with our church friends from Grace Assembly.

One highlight for me at the show was the wonder of seeing two rainbows in one afternoon! It was drizzling on and off and thank God the sun was always present. Here are the shots we snapped. =)

I love this shot - and the shadows! :D

At the art gallery :)

With the colorful painted cows!

Josh, Pauline and Sarah ;)

The beautiful rainbow! Its been a while since I saw a fully arched one!!! =)


My hooligan sisters looking for candy showbags!

This was taken at the Brighton Beach park the next day. I will post about the beach when I get the shots from Josh!


Good one, eh? =) I was just telling my sisters that they're very fortunate to have a sister like me who can take such good profile shots for them. Hah. :P

With Pauline =)

At the petting farm place (:

The lambs were so cute!!!

Fireworks to end the night! It was freezing though. And I thought winter was overrr...

Haha, my dad's just the funniest! It was a good day out. Thank God the weather evened out and it wasn't rainy the whole day. The next day we went to Brighton Beach with our church friends. We ate fish & chips, roast chicken, and my mum's yummy salad. We camwhored at the colorful beach houses when the sun came out. Our family will definitely visit Brighton Beach again. It feels weird knowing that they're on holiday and we're not. We're actually here! Living in Australia is almost always a holiday. :D Hehe. Hopefully I'll get the shots from Josh soon. =)
Tomorrow we're going to Grampians for a church Spring camp. One more week till school starts and I'll have to seriously start getting things done to prepare for VCASS!!! Wahoo, praise God for everything :D

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