Friday, September 4, 2009

Whose Direction?

I recently updated my music journal Musical Escapades about the Royal South Street competition. It was held last Saturday and our school orchestra travelled two hours to Ballarat to compete with other schools. It was good fun, music, and a tad bit stress, due to the cold and rainy weather.

I observed during this competition is that our orchestra was different from the others because our conductor, Andrew Wailes, had a good, clear direction for the repertoire he chose for us. He chose pieces that would best flaunt our strengths and show our utmost potential – if we played it well. Some orchestras could not perform as well simply because the conductors did not choose the right pieces for them. And there was probably no aim or direction or vision from the conductor.

We must have direction. Without it, we would be aimlessly drifting here and there with no plan and purpose. Some of my friends probably think I’m a full-on music nerd cause’ I’m always practicing and seldom having any breaks. They probably think I have “no life”. Haha. But it depends on the way you see it. I have an aim and a clear direction. I AM HEADING SOMEWHERE. If I practice just because my parents want me to, or cause’ I’m rushing to prepare for an exam which I intend to score only a “pass”, then I’d say I have no life. No direction.

Sometimes I wonder whose direction I should take. We find ourselves in a whirlwind of advises, opinions, voices, and noises from all over the place. Who should I listen to? Which path do I take? Whose direction should I heed?

When I question myself with all this, I start to feel quite hopeless and discouraged. I do not know what the best way is! I’m not satisfied with my own answers. By God’s grace, I decide to drag myself to my Bible. I read the Psalms, and once again, I find life and truth in God’s word – also comfort, hope, peace and purpose in God. There’s usually no specific direction, but simply by reading God’s word, my mind is somehow released from the worries that dampens my heart and blurs my focus. “The truth will set you free…”

“I thought about my ways, and turned my feet to Your testimonies.” Psalm 119:59

So far, I’ve found that God gives the best cue, the best direction. Nothing and no one else has given me as much opportunities and a better sense of purpose.

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