Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lest I Forget…

On Monday night, my mum and I travelled to the city for an info night at VCASS. I was excited to see who were the other 24 who also made it through. Before I received the yes letter, I had a hard time counting the possibility of getting in. 300 auditioned. Half music, half dance. How can they possibly have only 25 places for music? My chances were too slim. At the most, they’d only accept 5 pianists. But it had to be less than 5, since there are so many other instruments!

That night, to my astonishment, I found out that they really meant what they said about accepting only 25. The whole time I sat there, one thought recurred in my mind, “I can’t believe I’m here. I’m one of the 25!” I thanked God over and over that I was sitting there with my mum.

When they got all the music students to introduce themselves, I felt even more grateful because I found out that I was only one out of three pianists that got accepted! Phew. BUT I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!! I’m so very excited; yet my excitement is kept “in check” by a tad of nervousness because I know a lot is expected of me at VCASS.

In his speech, the principal of VCASS, Colin Simpson, told us to brace ourselves for the heavy workload, the long days and practices. There will be triumphs and failures. There will be perfect performances, and also many with mistakes. But this is one thing he said that I will remember, “Here at VCASS, we help out students to not simply make a living – like what most high schools only aim to do – but here, we help our students make a life.”

It makes total sense to me. But ironically, to most of my peers I am probably the one who doesn’t have a life! They do not understand why I sacrifice recess time to play piano. But music IS my passion. I do it because it fills my time with meaning. And besides, I do not have the nicest piano in the world at home, so I usually grab every opportunity to practice on the grand piano at school. Haha.

That reminds me of one of the things I’m really looking forward to at VCASS (something I mentioned when I was interviewed at the audition). It’s the companionship I will find with people who are like-minded and also passionate about making music! They will understand why I relish every opportunity to play, because they feel the same way, too. =)

I can’t believe my second year in Melbourne would be another huge change. I have no idea how I will wake up 6.30am every morning – in winter, mind you. I am afraid I will hop on the wrong train some mornings, or miss the train on other days. I don’t know if I’ll find good friends, or not at all. I’m worried I won’t measure up to the standards.

Funnily, the principal told us that whenever we doubt our talent and passion for music, or feel it’s too hard, or that we’re not good enough, we must remember how we felt when we received the BIG ENVELOPE. Haha, that made us all laugh nervously. He said that while he had the joy of signing all of our yes letters, he also had to sign the other 300 no letters. The mood in the room suddenly changed. We all had the same thoughts, how would I have felt if I had received the small envelope with a no letter?

Once again I was reminded to not be proud of myself, but to give God the glory. I need to always remember to give it back to God. This victory He has given me, belongs to Him alone. Although I worked hard, like my dad says, any victory requires both 100% man AND 100% God.

The fact that I got in, considering the circumstances, tells me that this is not by chance. What my teachers, friends, parents, or even I say, does not matter cause’ in the end, I know it is God who has the final say. He alone chooses to bestow or to withhold; to open or to close doors. So although I’m worried, I can rest assured that once I cast all my cares on God, He will be my strength and my guide.

Lest I forget, I must always keep an attitude of thanksgiving to God and that wonderful feeling of receiving the big VCASS envelope. =)

Four months to go!

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