Saturday, October 17, 2009

Eagles’ Wings

I hope for the future I envision now. I can’t wait to live it. But the one thing I fear is that I don’t make the most of it. We all get bogged down by life’s circumstances, people (those who say the most negative things), our own shortcomings, and the list goes on.

When I first started out, I was excited. I was glad to meet new people. But as time went by, my excitement slowly fizzled out. Doesn’t that happen to all of us? And we detest that feeling. The awful, squirmy feeling that tells us there’s nothing really great about this after all, and our enthusiasm dissipates.

I realize that I can get so easily bogged down by people around me. Well, meaning the wrong sorta’ people, of course. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, I’m actually talking about music again. Hahaha. And I’m referring particularly to the orchestra part of it. Most of the violinists in my group have no passion for music. It’s very tiresome to go for practice after practice if the people around you aren’t into it. The passion gets sucked out of you.

So how do I keep myself from swayed by the negative flow? Honestly, I do not know how to save myself. At some point we all realize how weak we are when it comes to standing against the current. Perhaps one can last for a while, but not for long. Surely there are moments when you lose your guard, and falter for a bit. That happens. But how do I stand in the long run?

I remembered a passage in the Bible (once again to the rescue!!!) Isaiah 40:30-31:

“Even the youths shall faint and be weary,

And the young men shall utterly fall,

But those who wait on the LORD

Shall renew their strength;

They shall mount up with wings like eagles,

They shall run and not be weary,

They shall walk and not faint.”

Wow, take that! I was really inspired and encouraged. What an uplifting promise God gives! How true is it that even youths shall faint of tiredness and utterly fall? But here’s the good part, it says those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength. I come to realize that it is only when we are weak that God is able to give strength. But when I am “strong”, I become proud, with a haughty demeanour, and then God has no gap in which to work His wonders.

Perhaps God allows troubling situations and people to enter our lives so that we will constantly wait on Him, which I think means to depend on Him.

The next beautiful part of the passage says that once we depend on God and have our strength renewed, we will mount up with wings like eagles! Meaning, we will SOAR ABOVE all the people, circumstances, and failures that drag us down. Then we will be able to stand against the flow. Although it is clear that I’ll occasionally fall, it does not mean defeat. It means God has a gap in which to work His wonders and give me His strength to stand and to soar above it all!

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