Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tomorrow Draws Nigh

I just finished packing for my first day at VCASS tomorrow. The best thing I realized is I don’t have to don the dreaded uniform no more! Yay, just so happy. :D I felt I needed to write something before a significant day. February 1st kinda’ officially kick starts 2010 for me.

It’s hard to believe that a few months back I had my mind whirling, and my hands wrenching, praying God would allow me this opportunity to be accepted to school in VCASS. And after I got it, I imagined the day would come when it’ll all start. Now it’s here! Thank God for the satisfying summer break. I went to all the places I wanted to explore, I spent all the time I needed with the people I love most, and I photographed all the moments I could possibly wish to see – what more can I ask for?

Well now it's 2010, it’s a whole new ball game this year. I haven’t an inkling what will happen, who I’ll really make friends with, what kind of music teachers I’d get, or… how I’d get up in winter. But oh boy, I’m nevertheless just so glad for this change! It’s a new adventure, and once again, I’m venturing out on my own to discover what it’s gonna’ be like. May God be my guide always!

I really hope and pray that I will be given a good, dedicated and fun piano teacher, who’s so passionate about music that after each lesson, I’ll be going home inspired and refreshed. I am thankful to God that I had such a teacher in Blackburn High last year. I hope this year will be as memorable, as challenging, and as rewarding.

I am also terribly excited to meet new people once again. This time hopefully I will meet even more people who share similar values and passions, and who are like-minded about music and everything else under the sun. Whee. I think I’m just pumping myself up for tomorrow. :D Haha. I want this to be a good start. I want my whole heart and mind to be part of it, and my family to be part of it. Most of all, I want God to be part of it, to take the whole of it and turn this experience into something even more memorable and extraordinary.

I hope I will not just be pumped up today, or tomorrow, or whenever the day’s all sunny and pretty. No, I hope there’ll be this driving force in my heart, mind, and soul, that will get me through all the cold, rainy days, and all the challenges that come my way. Tomorrow draws nigh, and I am not entirely prepared, but that’s what life is about. I just gotta’ do my best, reach for the highest, and leave the rest to God.

I wanna’ thoroughly enjoy this year. To live NOW, the moment when I am truly alive. I want to give the time that I have now, back to God, that I may live a meaningful, purposeful existence. Let me not turn to the left nor to the right, but to keep my focus, to fix my heart and mind on Jesus. And on the things that matter – truly matter, in God’s sight. And though I will forget this, may God remind me every now and then to reach for the things that will count for eternity.

Wahoo! Come what may, tomorrow will be a good day!

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