Saturday, December 25, 2010

Have you got the feeling that Christmas doesn't FEEL like Christmas anymore?
It used to be so exciting.
Christmas dinners with family.
It used to be so fun.
Opening presents!
It used to be more eventful.
Everyone's jolly and into it.
It used to be more meaningful.
Less of all these extra, excessive 'embellishments'.

Yeah, that's kind of why... But I've got another reason why I think Christmas no longer feels like Christmas.

We're in a part of the world blessed enough to be celebrating Christmas fairly extravagantly! Still I can't help but wonder, what is it like for those who cannot afford food and expensive presents like most of you guys spend on?

Is it LESS of a Christmas for them, then?

For my family, we've actually stopped buying presents the past 2 years. I mean, yes, we buy something small and simple for each other for fun since its 'Christmas'. But there are a lot of things we don't really really need. I'm just thankful and glad we can already celebrate Christmas as a family with homecooked food and stuff.

Perhaps we all need to strip away a lot of the excessive stuff that turns Christmas simply into another festivity to splurge & put on 10 pounds in a weekend! Perhaps it would do us good to keep things simple and embrace the HEART of Christmas.

Yes, we give and share, but its quite evident that this key part of Christmas has become a very shallow 'tradition' sort of thing that masks the true REASON for us to give & share and love & care!

The reason for Christmas is JESUS. Yea yea yea, we all KNOW that. They say that every year.

Once a year, perhaps?

Well Christmas or not, the reason for our lives is that JESUS CAME FOR US!

Without this hope, we can count ourselves living dead. Jesus Christ wasn't even born on December 25. There was no Christmas tree or Santa Claus or elves or reindeer prancing about. All this came from some pagan-influenced traditions. Its no big sin, but let us just not FORGET why we celebrate Christmas. It is to REMEMBER that Jesus came, lived, died and ROSE AGAIN.

He gave His life. God gave us this free GIFT of love and grace. Whoever RECEIVES the Gift receives eternal life through Christ Jesus.

The reason I think Christmas no longer feels like Christmas is because everyone has FORGOTTEN. We've gone on eating, drinking, buying, giving and having fun with friends & family. And for most people, that's ALL it is. Well... Isn't that what Christmas is about?

You tell me.

Blessed Christmas & DON'T FORGET WHY!
Janielle =)

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