Monday, February 21, 2011

In the Moment


And if we remember that, wouldn't we begin living life not merely for the sake of surviving or existing or having a good time for ourselves?
Too often I worry about the future that I spend all my time and energy hoping it'll turn out alright. But what about today?

The only time I've got living is NOW. When I arrive in the 'future', it is no longer seen as the future, but as the present. And its a totally different thing from what our minds have pre-conceived or anticipated that the 'future' would be like.

What can I do NOW?

If I do what I can and must do now, tomorrow will take care of itself. Because by then, I would be ready to take on whatever the 'future' is.

I am always fascinated by the notion of 'time'. Only we humans have this contraption called the 'clock' which tells us the 'time' and basically regulates our daily events.

Animals have no ordered sense of time whatsoever, at least not in detail like we do. The universe 'out there', outside of planet earth, is neither confined nor subjected to the notion of time. Animals live and let live. They survive. But they're happy where they are. And the universe simply exists, out there.

We humans are not simply meant to 'survive' like mere animals. Neither are we simply 'existing'. Don't you think there's more to us? There's more to our life?

Only we live to work, play and enjoy life. Only we have music, art, education and technology. Only we show compassion, and hate, and the lot of it. If we're simply surviving, we don't need all this extras. If we're simply existing, we wouldn't live to enjoy the moment. But we do.

And again, isn't there more to life than just surviving and existing for the sake of it?

Some people live that way. Others, many others, have no choice BUT to live that way. Injustice. Poverty. Victims of crime and corruption and exploitation. Fatherless, motherless children. Can they enjoy life? How? They only survive. They only exist for a short time. Cause' no one cares.

But then again, don't we, the more privileged ones - and the wealthy, the ones in positions of power - ALSO remain only for a short time? In the end, no one cares. The memory of us will fade like snow melting in the sun. And life goes on for the others.

For the moment, we are trapped in time. We think of past, present and future. But God is out of it! He is not confined by the clock, by the times and the seasons. He cannot be confined by our puny ways of thinking.

I know that God knows the agony of His children in poverty, in sickness. He also knows the corruption and selfishness of the wealthy and powerful.

In the end, rich or poor, we all go to the same end - when past, present and future ceases to be and all that remains is what GOD THINKS of you and me.

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