Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Absurdity of Life

Sometimes, only sometimes - like today - I realize how pitiful we must all look. A mass of humanity, squashed up in a train. Going to the same destination? All living different lives.

Yet we're all in that same hamster wheel. At least for most people. All the pursuits of Life, one after another. Climbing one mountain just to climb another one, and another. What is the meaning to all this?

I never tire of coming back to this absurd subject. At least 'absurd' for people who accept the idea that we breathe, we grow, we live, we suffer, we enjoy, and finally, we die, and there is no transcendent purpose or destiny in all this.

Surely then this life is a ridiculous and incredulous cycle that goes on and on. And for a moment, each one of us appears on the stage, only some stand in the spotlight, others are not even on the show, and then so quickly it is over and we are no more. If we do pause to consider these things, there is no doubt that all this we love and hate and accomplish, and buy or sell, amounts to nothing in the end.

Even all my musings are merely 'grasping for the wind' as King Solomon said. 'Words, words, words,' as Hamlet said in Shakespeare's play.

What of the good and 'nice' people, who may do many charitable works? They too come to nothing in the end. Perhaps they leave a lasting impact on the next generation? Or leave a memorable memory of oneself? Well before long, even that will fade away.

And how about the 'bad' people in society? The corrupt, the lazy, the murderers and thieves. Weren't they all once young innocent boys and girls too? What made them go wayward? If how we live in this life makes no difference after it is ended, then why, we could do whatever we want. This world has no real justice anyway.

How absurd then is our society! We humans, all full of flaws and evil ourselves, try to implement laws and rules and justice. We try to make right the wrongs already existent long ago. Will we ever right things? As long as we're in this rat wheel, refusing to acknowledge that we can't help ourselves, we will be running to and fro but never finding the truth. We will be going in circles, thinking we've reached the top when the next moment we're going down the wheel again. And in the end, death has the final say. Game over, friend.

Or is that so?

Death does NOT have the final say. Life is not MERELY a series of unfortunate events or a brief strut on the stage. Perhaps it is so, but it is also more.
You looks at the heavens, you see the stars.

You marvel at the wings of a hummingbird, you look at a blade of grass.

You stand in awe of the lightning storm, and you realize how tiny you are.

You can't help but wonder, why am I here?

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