Tuesday, February 15, 2011

No Compromise


We live in such a society that is full of compromise. People don't hold to their values and morals and principles. We are so easily swayed by the distractions and goodies of this world.

How can you and I possibly escape?

Everyday we are faced with situations calling for us to make a stand, difficult though it may be. Each day, wherever we are, we are in a position to stand firm to what God has called us to or to stay silent and waver along with the flow of the crowd.

How is it possible to go against this mighty current?

It is hard to stand firm, to hold fast to the Word of Life. It is even harder to step out and make a difference. It is even much harder when we have to do it in the face our fears and weaknesses, the opposition of others, or the opinions or scoffers of this world.

You know, in this world, its easy is to the wrong thing, its also relatively easy & not impossible to do the RIGHT thing. No problems there. But the hardest thing to do in this society that we live in is the GOD THING.

The world will just have none of it. How can we possibly make our stand and voice our faith to do the GOD thing?

We hold on to His promise,

'Little children, you are of God, and have OVERCOME them; because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.'
1 John 4:4

If you and I truly desire to do His purpose for our lives, then we can have no doubt that He will instill His will and desire in us so that we will be so sure of what we must do while Today lasts. And He who is in us will help us to overcome he who is in the world.

Remember, the troubles and troublemakers and scoffers are not the devil. Like Batman said to his enemies, 'You are not the devil, you are just practice.'
We don't have to fight these people who scoff in our faces and give us trouble or stand in our way. We don't have to argue with them. They do not see. We trust God and do what we have to do. Not that we are so good that we can see, because many times we miss what God has for us, but it is that we place our trust in Him. And that's the difference. We have taken that leap of faith.

Whatever it is, we fix our eyes on our Saviour & King, and make no compromise.

Solum deum Timidus,
Janielle =)

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